🎉 Happy 12th Birthday, #Fediverse

It's great that you don't put all your eggs in one basket ;) Stay cool.

post: fediverse.party/en/post/fedive

full-sized image: gitlab.com/distributopia/stick

✔ idea to not let this day pass unnoticed - by @titi

#Fediverse12 #HappyFedi2U #art #eggs


@lightone That makes the fediverse exactly 10 years older than me (I never knew, despite being here for a few years already!)

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@hypolite 😃 I'm glad! Provocative question: does that mean you're abandoning Twi?

@hypolite @lightone No, it is a welcome entertainment backup when my node is updating for 29 hours straight, my constrained use made it livable, and I have contacts over there I don't have on the Fediverse I don't want to lose.

@vurpo "being here a few years" - you mean, exactly two years, then. 😅

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