It's a weird feeling living in a society that at some point decided to solve some problem using education and so on, when I've only lived in this society after that has been done.

In my childhood, there was a lot of education for swimming, what to do when someone's drowning, and so on, and I thought it was just something good to know in general, even though I very rarely heard about anyone actually drowning. Maybe 10 people per year in the whole country.

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It's only now that I took a look at actual drowning statistics that I realize what was actually going on. Deaths by drowning went drastically down right around the time I was born, because apparently that's when we started focusing even more on educating people and making water safer, or something? I don't know, I just realize now that there used to be an actual problem, but I've only lived late enough to mostly just see the preventative measures implemented against that problem. 🤔

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