Anyone know something about dealing with a sticky wood surface? This desk was treated with some sort of oil (don't know what) around 20 years ago, and the surface is sort of sticky, making it unsuitable for use as a desk. It's pretty dry-feeling, but anything left on the desk sticks to it before long. Sandpaper gets instantly clogged up when I try to use it. What should I do to make it nice again?

@vurpo I always assumed this happened to wood varnish when it got treated with aggressive detergents. (But you know what happens when you assume.)

Anyway, the only solution I know is to sand it off however you are able to, and apply a fresh coat of varnish. I hope someone has a better idea.

@Coffee Yeah, this is a desk that has been sitting without much desk use, and zero attempts at cleaning or other maintenance, for several years.

Anyway I just started experimenting and found that isopropyl alcohol really easily takes the gunk off the top of the wood and brings out the original surface underneath. I guess I'll clean it with this, then sand it, then apply varnish or something.

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