Americans eat at a fast food chain and end up funding bigotry, Finns eat at American fast food chains and end up funding Communism instead


Explanation: the entire Burger King and Taco Bell chains in Finland (as well as some other national restaurant chains) are owned and operated by a cooperative which is run by the Left alliance (descendant of the old Communist party), and funds them as well as various other socialist and marxist activities

@jautero I think calling it a descendant of the old SKP is not too far from the truth, since it was created from the merger of SKP and SKDL. I think that would make it a modern-day descendant of both.

@vurpo yeah, ok, that’s it – feels so odd to see companies owned by political parties (cooperatives at least are a bit commonplace here)

@vurpo Might move to Finland.

Not even joking.

Been thinking of starting a new life, unironically.
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