Thanks for the redesign, guys. Real helpful.

(This is a button to call the traffic lights, an older and newer design of the same device. You have to press the top area to activate it, which has a big circle on the old version, and an inexplicable pyramid thing on the new version. Even though I had seen the old version a thousand times before, the new one *still* confused me and I pressed the wrong place at least once.)

Actually good web design:

Yle, the state broadcasting company of Finland, recently made this change to their website. Rather than scrolling endlessly anymore, the front page now simply ends with a "That's it! You're all caught up" message before long.

This change has actually stopped me wasting so much time reading news compared to before, because this is a very easy signal for me to simply switch back to some other task I was doing.

My favorite video game platform, the Game Platform 2

I'm literally just looking at this photo and laughing, can't do anything else

I made an iPad table (at my local hackerspace)! This will fit a small desk frame I have at home, which is capable of tilting the desk surface similar to what I have simulated in this picture. I believe it's an old school desk, but I'm not sure.

The homemade OPL3 sound card lives! Although it is a bit glitchy and jittery. I haven't yet figured out if that's a problem of my microcontroller code, my butchered adplug code, or just a serial connection being too slow.

You know what you gotta do when your white couch (that you got for free, so you didn't pick the color) slowly turns into a stained greyish beige color that doesn't wash out

The highlighted text is how much of the Wikipedia article for the Atari 2600 you could store in its RAM

Here I am, at one of the most popular beaches in Finland (during a couple of days each year)

Wait, so how... nevermind, I'll just find somewhere else to go

I sorted a pile of change (accumulated from random exchanges that we can't remember anymore) according to their year and denomination, and made a few observations that I didn't expect:

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