The moon bridge is out

(In Finnish, when the moon is above water and creates a reflection that stretches from where you are to the horizon, it's called a "moon bridge")

This ad for Canadian visas has a picture of a US visa 🤔

The downside of not using Twitter is missing out on what exciting news the ministry of the interior has for us

This is a view over a bridge in central Turku. Do you know what those things hanging off to the sides of the lamp poles are? They are remnants of the city's tram network, which was removed entirely in 1972. (Specifically, the hangers that the tram power lines used to hang from.)

Ever since the trams were removed, it has been considered a mistake, and there have been wishes and plans for a new tram system. During the 2010s there's been a new wave of plans, but we'll see how that goes.

Hesburger (in Finland) is having a lit kids' meal campaign

now that's a take on gender I haven't seen before

I challenged my boyfriend to draw all the railways in Finland from memory and he actually did it the actual madman

(the ones he forgot are in red)

BREAKING NEWS: 91 civilians dead in air strike in Helsinki (oh and btw this happened in 1939, you see we're following along with the events of the Winter War)

They're reeeally stretching the limits of what you can call "right now" (as those red words in the box mean, directly translated)

In honor of "fuck black friday", Varusteleka has raised their prices by 40% for today.

The Posti sympathy strikes are still ongoing, and now they've reached my local public transportation.

Also some new unrelated (different industry, different issues) strikes are about to begin. This is why we have workers' unions.

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