Article 11 and Article 13 have been renamed to Article 15 and Article 17! πŸ“’

My city's own realtime bus stop display vs one that I made in one night using their APIs

(westbound buses in the left column and eastbound buses in the right column)

tired: choosing between the "ground floor, 1st floor" and "1st floor, 2nd floor" styles of numbering floors

wired: both at the same time

The public transport company of Turku can't even use its own colours correctly in the same app

Did they expand from game development into single-user cutlery?

Instructions for improving your Riot experience:

Just found this @krita sticker I had, I love it but I'm afraid to stick it anywhere because I only have one...

Bad train ticket design: I bought a train ticket to Helsinki airport, which requires a change to a local commuter train in Helsinki.

The tickets show the number of the train I'm supposed to take, in this case first 958 and then 9079. Unfortunately, the commuter trains never show their train numbers anywhere (on any signs, monitors, time tables etc). They only show their line, which in this case is I.

But the ticket never tells me that 9079 is an I train. So how am I supposed to know?

1/2 πŸ‘‰

I entered a pizzeria just now

And their TV is showing Yle TV2 (a public service channel)

And the program they're showing is some speedruning show (sorry, don't know what show it is)

And they're speedrunning a Flintstones game for the NES


argument: twitter is pointless and stupid


This rock is firmly attached to this traffic sign πŸ€”

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