The word is "tavu" and it originally means just "syllable", as in the word components

I like how the Finnish word for "byte" is literally the same word as for "syllable"

none of this "octet" nonsense

young person: could you please pay me a few cents for the week that I just worked

old people: god this generation is the most ARROGANT, SELF-CENTERED, ENTITLED and

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Little known fact, The Wolfenstein series of computer games is the best-selling edutainment title of all time.

Teaches you to punch Nazis in the face and is engaging and fun at the same time.

@jine The first ever driving license was even a document from the state just to confirm "yes, you're allowed to use that thing on roads" because people would always complain about the car

This is the absolute pinnacle of microwave UI design. Nothing can surpass this in any way.

PSD2 blatantly discriminates against Americans by banning magnetic stripe payments

So is it just a coincidence or some weird standard that makes a normal acceptable volume level somewhere around 20 on pretty much all devices with a digital volume control

@bjarni @cjd It would also be important to keep people feeling rewarded and not have the negative feelings from using the service overpower the reward, so people don't just stop using the drama network (which would reduce drama to 0)

Nice: the recycling truck that just drove past had this written on the side (in Finnish):

"A child can see an empty cardboard box as even a spaceship. We have a tendency towards the same."

@espectalll x is the set of all sets who's membership in themselves is paradoxical

@espectalll That could definitely help, and debug symbols too. One major issue is that data types for the most part don't exist in compiled code (mostly they're just used during compilation to verify the code and then not needed anymore), so a disassembler would have to guess what kinds of structs and other types are being used by the code. Debug information would probably contain all this information as well.

@espectalll So it would be possible to write a disassembler that turns any WebAssembly into e.g. valid and correct Rust code, but that Rust code probably won't make much sense as "normal" code someone would write by hand.

@espectalll Bytecode can always be disassembled into any of the languages that could have compiled into that bytecode in the first place, but you could never guarantee that disassembly looks the same as the original code, or even that it is particularly readable (because information is lost during compilation).

My local public transport company is borrowing a double-decker bus from VDL for a few weeks, to test whethery it would be a good idea to start using those. I took a ride today.

@angristan damn Real Life developers releasing basic content as DLC billions of years after release

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