@sir @bart even if you don't like gnome, it takes literally zero effort to not make software refuse to start when it detects gnome. Why would a software developer put in effort to develop something that has absolutely no other effect than to make life hard for other people?

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custom bootloader. instead of booting your computer it reads the Energy Star logo out of the BIOS and does a rotozoom of it. and it plays a screamtracker module which is a educational song about energy efficiency & the environment

Where did it come from that when we specify personal pronouns, we write it like "she/her" or "they/them" or "he/him"? I mean why specifically write out just those two forms of the third-person singular pronoun, when it has four different forms?

I would have thought it's enough to just say the first one when informing about your pronouns, but is there some context regarding it that I'm missing?

@xerz I feel like that's the kind of question some people spend a lifetime researching

It's only now that I took a look at actual drowning statistics that I realize what was actually going on. Deaths by drowning went drastically down right around the time I was born, because apparently that's when we started focusing even more on educating people and making water safer, or something? I don't know, I just realize now that there used to be an actual problem, but I've only lived late enough to mostly just see the preventative measures implemented against that problem. 🤔

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It's a weird feeling living in a society that at some point decided to solve some problem using education and so on, when I've only lived in this society after that has been done.

In my childhood, there was a lot of education for swimming, what to do when someone's drowning, and so on, and I thought it was just something good to know in general, even though I very rarely heard about anyone actually drowning. Maybe 10 people per year in the whole country.

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they made eleven internet explorers, and yet the internet is not fully explored

@berkes is there a version for Tektronix vector terminals?

(I wish I had an actual Tektronix, I just have a later smart terminal that emulates the vector graphics using raster, but that's already fun enough)

(my mom bought herself a house and told us "hey I'm moving out of this place, you interested?" and we were like "hell yeah")

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We're moving again with my boyfriend, this time to a new bigger and nicer apartment!

(in which I've already lived for 20 years)

tech products come in three categories:

"With this Tech Product you can do everything you'd ever want to do! Browse the web, edit photos, play games, etc" (10€)


"Tech Product" (300€)

I don't think this phrase is used in English, at least I couldn't find anything about it

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The moon bridge is out

(In Finnish, when the moon is above water and creates a reflection that stretches from where you are to the horizon, it's called a "moon bridge")

Fun fact, you can travel from Helsinki to Pyongyang with just one train change

@fluffy forcing names into pointless places like that, and comparing names across different cards and addresses and registers etc. is bullshit in general

@thomasfuchs and this is the coat of arms of the region of Finland that I live in, called "Finland Proper"

it truly gives off the feeling that this is proper Finland, don't you think

@art Those Hackintosh nerds just need to get into ARM computers

@xerz but i thought computer always perfect and logical

@xerz i guess this means you've been staying in your hikikomero

(funny Finnish word that coincidentally means "sweaty chamber" and has therefore often been associated with the word "hikikomori")

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It is entirely within the borders of Finland and they have representation in the form of one member of Finnish parliament, but then they also have their own parliament, get to make their own laws, have their own flag, and so on.

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