The postal workers' strike in Finland has begun. Originally planned to be two weeks, but it might stretch all the way to four weeks. During this time letters will not move through Posti, although the strike does not affect parcel services or post offices.

So uh... don't expect letters to Finland to go through any time soon? And of course,

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@shujaat_mirza @angristan It's all very ambiguous, like the ToS itself doesn't say anything about closing your Google account, even though they have done that in the past.

I understood this clause to mean they have the right to shut down YouTube (and thus stop providing the service to you) if they deem YouTube as a whole is not profitable enough, but unfortunately the language is ambiguous.

"Police is looking for an eye witness to an assault..."

"You can stand over here"

@karroffel yeah, "kuu" means moon or month, and those two meanings are obviously closely related. "Kuusi" refers to the number six or the spruce tree, and I'm not sure if those are in any way related

@karroffel There is a lot of really great wordplay and puns in the Finnish language (on a whole different level than e.g. English), but it's rarely as easily presented foreign people as that specific example

@karroffel The famous meme image featuring the sentence "kuusi palaa" just exploits the nice coincidence that both the words "kuusi" and "palaa" happen to have have three completely different and unrelated meanings each, and many combinations of those meanings produce a correct sentence (or part of a sentence)

@karroffel The word "kuusi" (six) is not directly related to the word "kuu" (moon) as far as I know, it's a coincidence that the word "kuu" with the second person possessive affix becomes "kuusi" (your moon)

And realistically, I don't think using that form of the word "kuu" is very common. It's not common for people to own moons.

We've recenly had All Hallow's Day and Día de Muertos, among other similarly themed days. But in Finland, the current month, November, is called "Marraskuu":

"Marras" is an old Finnish mythological concept which, depending on local variations, can refer to a soul of the dead, a dead or dying person, or an omen of death. Which means in Finnish we are currently in the "month of the dead".

(and "kuu" = moon = month)

@admin it would be fun to have a "not verified" emoji, like :verified: but red instead of blue and with an X instead of the checkmark

I could make one and send it later tonight if you don't have time/care to do it yourself

@Barbie_kalai @admin All servers. Verification is a lie, even on Twitter, and especially on Mastodon.

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Youtube isn't interested in keeping videos forever. Or even for a long time. They'd rather not keep old videos at all.

New terms of service add a clause to terminate your access "if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable."

@ChaosSkeleton libertarians and capitalists and the like claim to be ideologically opposed to government, but in reality just invent new kinds of government where they're in control

@thomasfuchs That's what you're supposed to call the fork when you fork it

During class a school worker tried to take him to have a talk about the "incident" in private, but he refused multiple times. Eventually they school called the police, who arrived and told them "what the fuck are you wasting our time on this nonsense for" and left.

This became widely ridiculed throughout Finland and spawned some memes, and is remembered to this day.

The story goes: he took four fish sticks but the sign said max 3 pieces. The lunch worker told him to put one back, but he said he can't, because they're all covered with mashed potatoes and sauce.

A teacher came over as a result of this arguing and grabbed his shoulder, resulting in the plate falling on the floor. He was told to clean it up, but he refused. Then he proceeded to class with his schoolmates.

Never forget that time in 2009, Finland, when the police was called because a kid in school took one more fish stick than was allowed.

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