@fribbledom Everything I wrote from start until now has been an increasing spectrum of "realness" and I can't put my finger on where the line is drawn (made worse by the fact that very few of them I actually completed)

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noticed one of my shirts says "OECAN BLUE" on it

emotions that have no name: when you arrive in a foreign city by plane, the feeling when you transition from being inside the airport among a bunch of other travelers, to being in the city itself among a bunch of local people just doing their daily business

i like how in mario galaxy when you're bee mario, you press the bee button to fly

@xerz I remembered the Nokia X thing very clearly, but I wasn't sure if it was during the Microsoft time or not (it also seemed to just die out very quickly after it came out at the time)

@xerz ackshuyally, microsoft only bought nokia's phone division (and the rest of nokia independently kept on going to this day, while microsoft got tired with their new toy and threw it away after a few years)

@libc @directhex microsoft-owned studios have actually published games for linux on steam (not that I believe Skyrim is coming, but anyway)

youtu.be/Gs069dndIYk today is the only day you're allowed to listen to this

@xerz As far as I know that's the OS where a lot of early Wayland development was done, before it was put into production by anyone else

excerpts from reality:

"why would this memory card reader connect to a USB-C port, I don't have a USB-C port on my computer"

"Yes you do"


"Yeah it's on the back"

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I can't read. if you also can't read, boost this toot

@NecroTechno same as Rc but between threads (sometimes you want multiple ownership of an object but don't need it to be mutable, and that's when you need Rc, or Arc if it's shared between threads)

@FredBednarski Yes, I think it's still worth not using trademarks as generic terms even if that's also what the trademark owner wants

@FredBednarski oops, that one was for other reasons than genericide

@FredBednarski That's incidentally what Google would also like people to do, because they're not allowed to keep their trademark if the word "google" becomes a generic term for searching

(genericide, the same thing that happened to e.g. Escalator and Heroin, but Nintendo managed to avoid by popularizing the term "game console" instead)

welcome back to another episode of "is the left channel on my stereo broken or does this song just start like this"

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