the xbox 360 is about as old now as the sega mega drive/genesis was when the xbox 360 came out

@xerz Sadly I don't have sources because all I've heard is random bits and pieces from people in my vicinity (IRL or on places like IRC or Reddit or wherever), since being involved in tech in Finland inevitably means you'll come across ex-Nokians everywhere

@xerz lots of stories of internal Symbian vs other internal platforms fighting, some sides being favored by higher-ups, etc...

@xerz I think this is also what killed Nokia (not literally killed, but took them down from the top of the world)

@xerz At least the designer of the original ARM CPU is

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I have no idea if this is parody or not. This argument is that the new M1 Macbook Air looks just like the Intel one.

> How will strangers even know that your new Air is an M1, rather than just an old Intel jalopy? How will the style-conscious be able to casually open it on a plane and make their fellow passengers sneer with envy?

The idea is that I just print out however many of these elements I need to hold all my CDs (possibly varying the width of the individual elements to hold thicker or thinner cases), line them all up on a couple of threaded rods, and voilà

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@lain "yeah I don't agree with what I said either" – the onion

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Great vid from Legal Eagle about the US election lawsuits:
I had no idea the US election system was THIS CLEAN. My hat's off to the election commissioners for following the procedure so perfectly that (so far) there isn't a single lawsuit over anything I would call significant.

@isagalaev For me it's just that those keys are in the same place where my hand is usually, and the dedicated arrow keys are pretty far away. It's not about typing speed for me (I'm a very slow typer), but I just really don't like repositioning my hands.

@xerz I don't think the design of OpenGL has matched the design of GPUs in probably over a decade to be honest, nowadays it's all huge piles of driver magic to let the user of the API *pretend* that GPUs still work like that

Tempted to build my own Prusa i3 clone from parts :thinking_happy: but on the other hand it hasn't been very long since I got my first 3D printer either

@xerz You can say "Worst part:" or "The worst part:" or "The worse part:", but those also don't mean exactly the same thing

@tuxcrafting I get two mouse cursors in gnome on my tablet if I move the mouse and hover the pen on the screen at the same time

@tamperehacklab Vinkki: kun teidän etusivulla on jo linkki tähän Mastodon-profiiliin, niin siihen linkkiin kannattaa lisätä HTML-attribuutti rel='me' (eli siitä tulisi muotoa <a rel='me' href=...). Kun tekee näin niin Mastodon lisää automaattisesti "verifioitu"-merkin teidän profiilin nettisivu-urlin kohdalle joka varmistaa että tämä on "aito" Tampere Hacklabin Mastodon-käyttäjä.

(esimerkkinä voi katsoa vaikka minun profiilia ja HTML:ää)

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