@thomasfuchs if I may pick a nit, all of ASCII fits into 7 bits (which is why UTF-8 is even possible), which means you can have the full range of uppercase and lowercase letters using only 7 bits

but if I'm wrong and the Apple II used some other 7-bit encoding that only had uppercase letters then sorry

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@gdroid @switchingsocial @fdroidorg It looks and works nicely, but I have a few apps from the authors' custom F-Droid repos (development/CI versions and whatever) 🤔

Anyway I'll be following along because it looks like a very nice app :blobeyes:

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@fluffy :thonking:

I recently filled in a survey that began with the gender question and the answer options "male", "female", "other", and "none of the above"

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DIY of the day:
If you look through a box of old computer cables there's a 99% chance you'll find a a very steampunk transgender pendant there complete with holes to become a necklace.

(idea coined by Dutch transactivist vreer over a decade ago)

Visiting all the famous historical locations in Helsinki 📸

Near the Siilitie ("Hedgehog Road") metro station in Helsinki 🦔

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@feld @hrthu @karen Matrix does one thing I'm not aware of any other protocol doing, which is decentralized messaging rooms. (As in, no central authority "owns" the room) And I'm not so sure that that *can* be done with a simpler protocol than what Matrix is.

(Of course, the client-to-server protocol is already absolutely uncomplicated, all the complicated stuff happens in the server-to-server protocol)

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:ad: Have you ever lost your keys or your phone? Are you always misplacing things around the house? Simply destroy everything you own.

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Tonight on "Pointless devices"

a wireless charging to wired charging adapter, which is attached to the wireless charging pad using a security wire

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The IBM PS/2 Model 25 is my all-time favorite PC. Letting go of two of them, if you’re looking for a project! I think it might be neat to hook up the VGA monitors they use to an external video source & use it for emulation of old DOS games. If you can pick up in eastern PA in the next few weeks you can have one for free, DM me. More info here: rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpr

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mew (and i cannot stress this enough) mew

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tired: keep austin weird

wired: keep furry incompatible w/corporate interests

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So @keybase is not going to bother with micro/family instances (e.g. <5 users). Great.

Careful Fediverse, "centralization"-first is coming. Or at least "large-instances-first".

Keybase recommends to use the website verification for those small instances, fine, but this won't support the encrypted messages that were proudly announced 7 paragraphs before.


#Fediverse #Mastodon #Keybase

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Elon Musk offers his submarine to help rebuild Notre Dame
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