The species is the Saimaa ringed seal (Saimaannorppa), and the song in question is Vanhojapoikia viiksekkäitä by Juha Vainio:

and what I said is recognized by local scientists as true: this song probably single-handedly saved the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction

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That time when a guy in Finland made a song about how sad it is that a local animal species is going extinct, the song became a big hit, and it directly led to interest in saving it growing big enough that the species has now recovered and is no longer nearly extinct, merely endangered

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@chjara the problem comes from this:

try to put it in the kernel and everyone will (probably rightfully) say that this doesn't belong in the kernel

try to put it in userspace and half of everyone will refuse to use it and fork all the OSes into new versions with this system surgically removed, because it was developed by the Bad Person/this is "against the UNIX philosophy"/it's too much like Windows/we didn't need this bloat back in 1865 (choose 1 at random)

@neauoire I've thought about this matter before, and I personally think this is just a matter of "inherent complexity" to put it that way: you have to put the complexity somewhere. Do you want to put it onto the user (simple software, complicated to use), or hide it inside the software (complex software, simple to use)?

2021: microsoft releases a programming AI that is capable of putting a // what the fuck? comment inside the code it produced

Miten meni, noin niinku omasta mielestä?

In my OPL3 escapades, I accidentally soldered the DAC on backwards (rotated 180 degrees). The result was a loud static noise on the output, but the music was clearly audible below that static. How is that possible :thonking:

@xerz I've done that before, accidentally leaving out the css bundle file from the static files directory, or other reverse proxy config errors that cause it to not be available for example

Or some kind of cache error

step 1: twitter
step 2:
step 3:

March 21, 2006 to September 2021 (ongoing) global "Twitter" incident

@xerz shows that their kind of state capitalism is still capitalism

You just know that in a few years there will be 9/11 truthers who claim the towers never existed at all

cryptocurrencybros: "man this new decentralized currency lets us finally be free of the control imposed on us by the global banking system!"

also cryptocurrencybros: *because of inefficiency, invents a system layered on top of their decentralized currency, where you delegate your ability to do payments to a node in the network you trust, who then performs actual transactions to other such nodes in bulk at the end of the day*

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The release of the Sony Playstation is now closer in history to the Apollo 11 moon landing than it is to today.

dairy companies here really added a plastic screw cap to their cardboard cartons, just to a couple of years later remove it and go "look how environmental we are, we removed this much plastic from our packaging"

@lunch that's any uefi implementation if you load your own keys into it and remove the microsoft key

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