@lil5 @Mastodon @Gargron I don't know, this makes sense when you have an algorithmically generated page not in chronological order, but when we have toots sorted by time here it just feels like you'd be putting an arbitrary time cutoff on visible posts.

Poggers: youtu.be/O_HCegi57Ns

(Jussi Halme is the musician behind the music in the original meme video as well)

@mos_8502 I have some kind of HP Compaq enterprise-style PC case from the last 10 years at home, and it's not at all as fancy as this, but it does have easy tool-free access to everything in the case. Side panel comes off with spring-loaded thumb screws thay stay attached so you don't lose them, hard drives and PCIe cards are held in with clips thay are easy to open and close with fingers rather than a screwdriver, etc... It's a joy to work on.

@dhfir @thunderbird it verifies that a mastodon account is owned by the owner of a website, by checking for a certain link from the website to the mastodon account

@veer66 Finnish should be easier to learn than English, because I already know it

@LearnTribe Ah, I see. If I had to guess, I would assume this kind of thing happens due to incompetent communication inside the company. Different people adding different products to the lineup at whatever price they see fit without talking to find out if there's supposed to be any consistency in the products and pricing.

@LearnTribe £2.75 per 100 g for the jar vs £2.60 per 100 g for the bag?

I finished setting up one of the least useful but still pretty cool computer setups I've ever built. I had a leftover desktop PC with no SSD or anything for it, so I set it up to run diskless. It boots Arch Linux using PXE and mounts its entire filesystem from my file server using NFS.

There are no traces of this whole setup physically inside the computer itself, so if you took it out of my house you couldn't see that anything weird like this had been done at all!

@emily9121 For this reason it's also good to learn the tricks that disable fingerprint authentication.

For example, put the wrong finger on the fingerprint reader of your phone a few times (for example discreetly while it's in your pocket) and it will lock the fingerprint reader and require the passcode.

Or on iOS at least (don't know others), open and close the poweroff menu and it will require the code next time.

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Hello World! We are live on Mastodon! #EUVoice
Follow us!

Always on that grindd 😎

My dentist said I even grind while asleep 🤑

Please do theme our apps 

@tusooa wasn't that website only against OSes applying different themes to apps *by default*? Not about users theming their system

@cybette Ah yes, the only game I have is rollercoaster tycoon and it's been a while since I played it so I don't remember it's behavior. I don't remember any weird behavior but it's possible I just forgot

@cybette When did this change? I still don't get any notification sounds even though I change media audio volume (videos, music) all the time.

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@ajroach42 there is a bit of a misconception about GNU Taler being associated with blockchain or being a cryptocurrrency when its aims seem to be more to provide an accountable, privacy-respecting and open standard for transaction processing so you are not beholden to any particular payment processor.

It's a shame the mindspace around digital currency is so dominated by blockchain BS because it would still be nice to have a decent way to transact amongst people and merchants and institutions like credit unions without a Paypal or Stripe or the like getting in the way...

at least until such time we've finally gotten around to fully automating gay space communism :blobtonguewink:


Thanks for the redesign, guys. Real helpful.

(This is a button to call the traffic lights, an older and newer design of the same device. You have to press the top area to activate it, which has a big circle on the old version, and an inexplicable pyramid thing on the new version. Even though I had seen the old version a thousand times before, the new one *still* confused me and I pressed the wrong place at least once.)

@xerz back when he did his Shostakovich video, it got demonetized very quickly, so he made a new upload with all the Bad Words replaced with these kinds of workarounds

Me sowing: yes! Ha ha ha! Yes!!

Me reaping: what the fuck? This fucking sucks what even is this

@xerz Like I said it's all software on top. The modem is down near the lowest level, being literally just the point to point physical connection between two computers.

@xerz modem = modulator/demodulator; all it does is convert serial data to waves that can be transmitted over a phone line, and convert the other way as well. Sometimes the modem can also generate DTMF tones for convenience, to be able to automatically dial another number, but in the end the modem is nothing more than a method of making a serial connection between two computers through a telephone line. Everything else is software on top of the serial connection.

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