@xerz I actually have two large drinking glasses with Digia's logo, but I never really looked into what they do 🤔

@dansup I think while that concern isn't false, there's a lot of value in simply being *allowed* to go somewhere else than the one big central instance. On Twitter you don't get to sign up on a non-Twitter instance, or host your own one. They force you to use their server if you want to stay in contact with their users.

As long as it's possible to stay in touch with people from the big instances without being forced to use them, decentralization here keeps its benefits.

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A recent article on a big tech news site included this phrase:

"[...] Linux phones like the PinePhone, [...]are full of closed-source firmware from non-open components"

We'd like to clear the record: The #PinePhone has two blobs -- neither runs on the main SoC: One loaded to WiFi/BT module, other enclosed within the cell modem. In the modern world of tech, both blobs are unavoidable.

For an overview from someone with deep knowledge of both the PinePhone and Librem 5: tuxphones.com/yet-another-libr

@karroffel There's only so much you can do for the well-being of insects when the weather outside is not liveable for them, though.

@angristan I've just stopped answering my phone altogether (unless I have scheduled a phone call)

I'll call back if it seemed important.

@fluffy I see the (presumably) correct glyph on Tusky

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@xerz I know I'm replying late because I'm still on mstdn.io, but even though his way of leading the project was questionable, it certainly didn't warrant some of the response he got for it. Like outright attacks and hateful messages (like "never write Rust again" and so on).

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@Coffee ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard? I have the USB version of it and I really like it, and I know there's a Bluetooth version too.

@aperezdc don't phones with notches in the screen usually have slightly more screen area than the traditional rectangular ones? At least my phone's screen is shaped basically like a traditional 9:16 rectangle, plus two "ears" at the top that extend it it something like 9:18

@espectalll navigating between apps got slightly more buggy on my nokia 7.1 but otherwise it's working as well as before

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@reinhard @Satsuma Wouldn't the older editions still go into the public domain even if they make a newer edition? I don't think a new edition can affect the copyright of old editions.

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