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@zens It was one specific formula for each different modulation, and they were definitely more complicated than just multiplying (or I would have remembered them)

@zens I'm sincerely sorry if I'm just here explaining something you already knew, I only wanted to bring up this specific relevant part of the subject (the error rate/probability) that you hadn't mentioned yet in the thread

@zens I don't remember the formulas by heart, but basically if you know the signal to noise ratio of your tape, which modulation you've chosen to use, and at what rate you're putting symbols on the tape, you can calculate at what probability any given bit read off the tape will be read incorrectly. Then you can for example lower the symbol rate, use an error correcting code, use a different modulation (or why not all of these?) to get the probability of errors arbitrarily low.

@zens I literally just finished a course on exactly this at the university a few days ago (and I got a 3/5 grade, so I guess I'm the most authoritative expert on the subject that exists).

Every configuration of signal to noise ratio (which here is determined by your tape), modulation method (e.g. M-ary QAM), and symbol rate, leads to a specific bit error rate (that can be calculated), and you need to balance those choices out to get an error rate that you're OK with.

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Wait, so how... nevermind, I'll just find somewhere else to go

@xerz Yeah, it seems like in recent years they realized they can just make radio content but call it a podcast, and then they're no longer limited how much they can fit on the FM airwaves in a single day, so they just started doing a lot of that

and something similar for TV/online video content

@xerz Incidentally, Areena is the most popular streaming service in Finland.

Originally (over 10 years ago) it was just a website where you could watch or listen to their TV or radio shows after they were broadcast, but nowadays they put out a lot of original content on Areena that's never broadcast anywhere else (and they stream some live events on there too that don't go out on TV or radio).

@xerz Literally the government, or a state-owned media company?

Because our national public broadcaster Yle, also has an online streaming service called "Yle Areena", which features movies and TV shows that are either produced by them or that they have licensed for broadcast in Finland (including some pretty big foreign names like Game of Thrones), podcasts, and radio shows (and of course their live TV and radio channels). And it's free, but most of it only available in Finland.

@miguel @datenschutzratgeber The issue is that they have had developments on their server (evidenced by features in their client software) after their last commit to the public server repo. Their server has seen development, but their open source repo has not.

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To humans, it's easier to learn to understand a new language than it is to learn to speak it. But it's much easier to program a computer to output sentences in a language than it is to program it to parse meaning out of sentences in that language.

That moment when you're in a course filled with complicated math that you have to think about to understand, but then at some point the lecturer shows a really simple relation like "the period is 1/the frequency" and you can lean back and go "ah yes, something I can understand immediately without having to think about"

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If the iPhone is so great, why was there never an iPhone 2?

@cadadr Is using free software/open source software according to the terms explicitly allowed in its license "stealing"?

@art speaking of covid tests, there was a Finnish company which invented a covid test that works by blowing into a tube (like an alcohol test), and can give results within a minute, and has just recently finished their medical tests, gotten medical device approval, and has just started mass production last month (apparently, according to an article I read)

The company is

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Not just low framerate, but that it sometimes literally jumps around to entirely different places

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Scrolling in many GTK apps on mobile feels very choppy and jumpy for some reason

@xerz Although in Finnish and Swedish we just call these 7 "world parts" as in different areas of the world, and "continents" refers to the slightly more sensible separation into fewer parts (although those are a bit in flux themselves)

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