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You have multiple options:

a) be a train nerd who knows that the open data APIs tell you all the info you need to know about any train number

b) ask someone at the station for help

c) say "fuck it" and get on any local commuter train that says "airport" on it

Fortunately the ticket system allows you to do option C without punishing you for having a ticket to the "wrong train". But still, couldn't they design the ticket to include the essential info and leave out the completely useless?


Bad train ticket design: I bought a train ticket to Helsinki airport, which requires a change to a local commuter train in Helsinki.

The tickets show the number of the train I'm supposed to take, in this case first 958 and then 9079. Unfortunately, the commuter trains never show their train numbers anywhere (on any signs, monitors, time tables etc). They only show their line, which in this case is I.

But the ticket never tells me that 9079 is an I train. So how am I supposed to know?

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seriously, why is Sega not rereleasing sonic 3 & knuckles

the new mega drive classics doesn't have it despite having literally all the other sonic games of the mega drive

there's no mobile remake of it despite Christian Whitehead directly asking Sega to let him remake that one after remaking CD, 1 and 2

the 3DS doesn't have it despite having rereleases of 1 and 2

so somehow Sega has some strong aversion to rereleasing S3&K, but I don't get it

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gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

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Since the #35c3 wiki is up I'd like to register our #fediverse #meetup. I will go for a location for ~50 people, since I think there have been ~30 last year and the room was kinda packed.

What do you think? Please boost.
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note to all people that just joined fedi because of the tumblr shitfest:

y'all probably joined a large instance because those are the most accessible, but keep watch for the smaller instances around you, they have a stronger sense of community and you can make a meaningful impact on it!

don't be afraid to make accounts on multiple instances!
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i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below 👇
#creativetoots #mastoart #gameart #conceptart #tutorial #arttut

Having a fun time here in Turku right now, the time is 15:40 and the sun set 5 minutes ago 🌞

I entered a pizzeria just now

And their TV is showing Yle TV2 (a public service channel)

And the program they're showing is some speedruning show (sorry, don't know what show it is)

And they're speedrunning a Flintstones game for the NES


argument: twitter is pointless and stupid


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Tired: reading books, listening to music
Wired: consuming content

and when I ask which ones they like to drink they always reply "idk they're all good"

tfw someone offers tea, and I'm like "sure why not", and then they present me with a thousand different kinds of tea to choose between

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