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Apparently someone in Russia built a fake Finnish border and charged migrants over 10 000 € to take them across

I can't get over how the first high-speed train in Germany was called the "Flying Hamburger"

planning to travel to FOSDEM and back using only trains and one ferry, because of reasons

last few times I've been going by FOSDEM and CCC events by flying, but I just realized an Interrail 3-day pass can get me pretty far without flying

Still, you see pages and maps listing high-speed rail systems around the world categorizing Pendolino as high-speed while IC isn't.

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In Finland, the only difference between "high-speed rail" and normal trains is that one of them is called "high-speed" while the other one isn't.

Seriously. There's 75 whole kilometers of track (Kerava–Lahti) in the whole country where the "high-speed" Pendolino trains are even allowed to go faster than their InterCity counterparts, and even then they only go 20 km/h faster. At other times they go exactly as fast, cost as much, and stop at the same stations. And they're more cramped.

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③ today i bring you: an interactive visualization of the six trig functions, which imo makes them make way more sense than basically anything i've seen

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ok duckduckgo search "amadeus but for trains"

Gotta get some nice programming socks

I challenged my boyfriend to draw all the railways in Finland from memory and he actually did it the actual madman

(the ones he forgot are in red)

BREAKING NEWS: 91 civilians dead in air strike in Helsinki (oh and btw this happened in 1939, you see we're following along with the events of the Winter War)

They're reeeally stretching the limits of what you can call "right now" (as those red words in the box mean, directly translated)

oh no

I grabbed an avocado that felt ripe and opened it to eat it

but it was very unripe

In honor of "fuck black friday", Varusteleka has raised their prices by 40% for today.

The Posti sympathy strikes are still ongoing, and now they've reached my local public transportation.

Also some new unrelated (different industry, different issues) strikes are about to begin. This is why we have workers' unions.

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Due to high demand, Oliver wrote an English version of the blog about #Nextcry - a failed attack - or 'the storm in a teacup'!

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