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Great vid from Legal Eagle about the US election lawsuits:
I had no idea the US election system was THIS CLEAN. My hat's off to the election commissioners for following the procedure so perfectly that (so far) there isn't a single lawsuit over anything I would call significant.

Tempted to build my own Prusa i3 clone from parts :thinking_happy: but on the other hand it hasn't been very long since I got my first 3D printer either

@tamperehacklab Vinkki: kun teidän etusivulla on jo linkki tähän Mastodon-profiiliin, niin siihen linkkiin kannattaa lisätä HTML-attribuutti rel='me' (eli siitä tulisi muotoa <a rel='me' href=...). Kun tekee näin niin Mastodon lisää automaattisesti "verifioitu"-merkin teidän profiilin nettisivu-urlin kohdalle joka varmistaa että tämä on "aito" Tampere Hacklabin Mastodon-käyttäjä.

(esimerkkinä voi katsoa vaikka minun profiilia ja HTML:ää)

Interesting words: the Finnish word for "violence" "väkivalta" consists of "väki" which can mean either "force" or "strength" or similar, but can also be a collective word for "people", and "valta" which means something similar to "power" or "rule". The word that means "violence" could alternatively be interpreted as "people's rule" entirely grammatically.

Looking up the history online, it looks like the second meaning of "väki" is a bit more recent than the "force"/"violence" meaning though.

many people forget that Stalin himself came from the great state of Georgia

us pol 

Neither Trump nor Biden is going to be my president (thankfully), so why do I care about the election? Because the attitudes that Trump has given a huge worldwide boost to are clearly visible here as well. Maybe if the Americans are able to elect someone who doesn't actively promote straight up being antisocial, then those attitudes where I live will have less air under their wings too. I know many of them admire Trump.
Also, Trump 100% stands for the establishment, don't let him fool you.

"why would you need a security model, just don't run malware"

uspol, not presidential 

couldn't you not have phrased this a little more confusingly

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fuck the political compass. The political compass has ruined a generation's understanding of politics

nostalgia youtube channels in 2040: "2020 was a year that spawned creativity, innovation, and brought us all together in new and unforeseen ways"

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Hardware needed for running linux:
- 386 AT
- VGA/EGA screen
- AT-type harddisk controller (IDE is fine)
- Finnish keyboard (oh, you can use a US keyboard, but not
without some practise :-)


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The proprietary driver for my network card doesn't support IPv6. There is a free software driver for it, but the vendor has been using cryptographic techniques to kneecap it and force people to use their proprietary driver instead. I only use IPv4 so this isn't really a big deal to me.

But a lot of people are talking about IPv6, and I feel left out. So I've decided to send a bunch of angry emails to the maintainers of the IPv6 stack in the Linux kernel. They tell me it's the vendor's problem, so I made up a bunch of misinformation about how broken IPv6 on Linux is and started spreading it around the internet. Any time I hear about new IPv6-only technology like Yggdrasil or cjdns I make my way to the comment threads to talk shit about IPv6.

Wait, no, of course I don't do that, because I'm a fucking adult

in finnish news, someone recently used root/root to break into a company that provides psychotherapy services, stole patient information, and has now been extorting both the company and individual people for bitcoins by threatening to release their sensitive information

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