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A strange evolution: grocery stores and supermarkets are opening more and more around the clock where I live, whereas the old kiosks, service stations (like gas stations) that used to have the longest opening hours are actually reducing them

I saw a comment thread arguing about what the term "overloaded" means

the war on Christmas will not end until Christmas ends its illegal occupation of November

Can't escape the black friday madness even in animal crossing

I've noticed <unnamed very big streaming service> put out extremely low-effort low-budget ads on YouTube. I wonder what their strategy behind this is.

Surely Hell has frozen over, when Nintendo and Apple use the same charging connector

I got a pro-disease vaccination scare leaflet in my mail. It listed how many adverse events after covid-19 vaccinations have been reported to the VAERS systems. Note: it did not list how these amounts compare to the base rates of those adverse events.

It's funny how someone can first complain about "deaths while having covid, not deaths from covid!!!" and then flip 180° around and complain that "every death after taking the vaccine is a vaccine death!!!"

My favorite thing is that trollface is now an actual thing on the internet again :troll:

most of those "non-fungible" tokens actually seem extremely fungible

The phrase "in case you need to do a capitalism" is now officially in Animal Crossing. That is all.

the only counterargument NFTbros ever have to anything is "are you sure about that", like come on, don't you even have the balls to just tell me I'm wrong, let alone tell me *why* I'm wrong

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@Coffee In Finnish, the month that began today is called "marraskuu", "marras" being an ancient Finnish name for the mythical personification of Death. Meaning we have now entered the month of Death. (I think the name is somehow etymologically linked to the old Latin "mort", although I could be wrong.)

They said I had to turn the clock back an hour at 4 this morning. I've done it 13 times now, how long do I have to keep doing this?

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Did you know that Matrix is not just pushing for better tech, but also for a better society?

#thisWeekInMatrix we try to make a difference with better laws, a job to join the resistance, and many more updates!

Get informed and involved by reading TWIM!

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I own every NFT.

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The species is the Saimaa ringed seal (Saimaannorppa), and the song in question is Vanhojapoikia viiksekkäitä by Juha Vainio:

and what I said is recognized by local scientists as true: this song probably single-handedly saved the Saimaa ringed seal from extinction

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That time when a guy in Finland made a song about how sad it is that a local animal species is going extinct, the song became a big hit, and it directly led to interest in saving it growing big enough that the species has now recovered and is no longer nearly extinct, merely endangered

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