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Actually good web design:

Yle, the state broadcasting company of Finland, recently made this change to their website. Rather than scrolling endlessly anymore, the front page now simply ends with a "That's it! You're all caught up" message before long.

This change has actually stopped me wasting so much time reading news compared to before, because this is a very easy signal for me to simply switch back to some other task I was doing.

The curse of the 24/7 supermarket: you're never in a hurry to get food before they close, so you never go and get food

Actually this might be the curse of ADD, I don't know

Wendover is getting into NJB and WTYP territory with his new video

Everyone always characterizes Tom Nook as this evil capitalist top hat guy, but why? He loans you money without interest, no deadline, and without so much as reminding you to pay it back.

Lottie, on the other hand, is the true enemy of the people. She makes you work as an interior designer and pays you a tiny fraction of her business's profit to you, and on top of that, she pays you in scrip which can only be spent at the company store. I say give Tom Nook a break, and bring Lottie to justice!

Portal and Portal 2 on the Switch at the same time as Steam Deck is about to launch? What a world we live in

My favorite video game platform, the Game Platform 2

It's snowing but the thermometer is at +1°C :thonking:

How old were you when you found out that K.K. Slider wrote the Wii Shop and Mii Channel themes

"I'm not spying on you! You consented to data collection and sharing with our partners, which includes the KGB, when you hired me to work for the CIA!"

What's the deal with "trust but verify"? If you're going to verify, what are you trusting? What's the difference to just "verify"?

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Lmao the bus timetable LCDs outside have like a 5 second transition period in this cold

I personally witnessed this abomination at the recycling shop yesterday

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I'm literally just looking at this photo and laughing, can't do anything else

Animal Crossing movie spoilers, if anyone cares about not getting it spoiled 

There were also a few loose threads I was disappointed they didn't tie up. They never told Blathers about the Seismosairus, for example, and at the beginning I thought Whitney would play a more significant role (I wish she did).

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I watched the Animal Crossing movie. It was fairly enjoyable, the only part of it I actively disliked was using UFOs as the "macguffin" to drive the plot. UFOs could have been replaced with anything else with the rest of the plot the exact same and I probably would have enjoyed it more. But overall, I still liked it.

I watched all the four Futurama movies back to back, and I think Bender's Game is my favorite of the bunch. Bender's Big Score is also up there, with probably the worst time travel timeline mess ever seen in media.

I find it funny how music piracy is popularly considered illegal and immoral, but when I go around thrift shops and pick up used CDs to listen to, I'm doing something perfectly legal and widely accepted by everyone as normal.

Both actions have the exact same effect on the musician's income.

Random fact: the Finnish word "juottaa" means both to make someone drink (the drinking equivalent of "to feed"), and to solder

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