at it again. tries to do something against the bullish Russia, but theres nothing will do against this fascist dictatorship. Why is it? Human rights seem to have a price like everything else. So much for all those speeches about upholding human rights and democracy. If you got the trade, no one cares about your crimes.

Just came across of some cretins in talking about moving to because of the " " in the bigger platforms like and .

The sinking feeling intensifies.

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"Android-puhelimiin pystyy asentamaan vaihtoehtoisia käyttöjärjestelmiä, ”mutta se on aikamoista säätämistä eikä mitään normikäyttäjän juttua”, kuten Aarnio asian tiivistää."

Voin vahvistaa, säätämistä on. Mutta LineageOS toimii!

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request for help, 

Column in Finnish about how the rich just throws money at Notre Dame but we still have poor people and welfare state is going bankrupt. 

Its not a good look when three biggest powers on this tiny blue dot are ranked so low on the . is at 48, healthy 101 behind of its cold war rival at 149 and everyones favourite one party dictatorship is ranked at cool 177 (last one is at 180)

2018 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders is out! is number one again, is second and is third. Northern countries are dominating!

The land of the free is right down there at 48th between and . Go figure.

about the finnish elections in finnish 

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Finnish politics in Finnish

Full blown fascist nation larping communism does the .

Can the democratic nations just please shut this shit show down and exclude them from everything? Oh, theres loads of money to be made? No worries then. Carry on. arent these far-right people at all wondering why the non-eu nation run by billionaire crooks just happens to support them? Especially when those crooks try to do it in secret.

I need that "Are we the baddies?" gif. can some of you with more in depth knowledge of , , let the rest of us know if this is actually useful?

I'm not sure if learning should be this unpleasant. I'm hoping that once I can actually contribute and make something with real life use I might enjoy this more.

Right people? putting the technical side (how to actually organize the vote) on the side for the minute, who can tell me why plurality voting is still more widely used than single transferable voting?

To me, this seems like the best way to do the whole democracy thing. Your vote wouldn't feel so wasted.

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@whirli @cwebber somebody said N900 and I am compelled to join the discussion even though I don't have anything to say.

I just found my beloved . Could any of the good people at or think about shipping their mobile devices with cool and useful keyboards like in the N900?

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