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Concentration camps in China 

Today a new leak of classified Chinese docs are public: they reveal the operations manual for running concentration camps in Xinjiang, and the mechanisms of mass surveillance of Uighurs. This is a collaboration between International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and 17 media partners in 14 countries #ChinaCables


Again, I'd like to use this to spam my new fediverse-home @[email protected]
If you followed me here then I'd love it if you'd follow me again in my new home.

For the I'd like to suggest me myself and I in [email protected] If you have been following me here I'd love you to follow me again!


is bombing civilians in and European arms dealers, with their governments help, made it possible. What are the chances that someone will be found guilty in anything? If you want to feel angry and frustrated try to find this documentary.

Crimes de guerre au Yémen, les complicités européennes - capatv.com/portfolio-item/spec

Or in french with finnish subtitles (finnish IP needed) War Crimes Dealers - areena.yle.fi/1-50118373

He is back! Surveillance Camera Man is back again with his travel series.

Vagrant Holiday IV - Japan

Learning again. Or atleast trying to. Got few courses on for free so no excuses.

I have an idea of small to practice linguistic awareness (in Finnish for 5-8 year olds). Can't wait to start doing it and learn more.

Question: should I first do my program just for the terminal and then start building GUI around that?

@[email protected]
Oh yeah! I know what I'm doing once I get home.

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Hallöchen from Berlin! We've been going around Europe on our very first adventure and I got to give big shout out to ! with almost everything you need. Like finding post boxes in the city because analog post cards are still amazing.

You'll miss out in reviews (and some other corporate stuff you might need) and the public transport is a bit questionable but with some common sense you'll be just fine.

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

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Today is #Srebrenitsa #Srebrenica commemoration day. As a Dutch and European person, a day of shame for how we failed. But foremost a day of remembering those that were killed and a call to fight against the evil calls from supremacists everywhere.

Have to brag a little bit. Spent two days near , with our friends. What a to enjoy pancakes with. Later on slept like a baby in my . Good times.


Got nightly working OK on (3b+) but mounting my ext4 hdd (usb) so that users could read and write on it is for whatever reason the problem now (syncthing, other users). I've chown it to me, I've tried setfacl users to read and write and chmod 760 still no permission even if ls -l shows that user have read and write permissions.

I know I'm forgetting something or just being a dumbass but anyone in fediverse able to point me in right direction?

at it again. tries to do something against the bullish Russia, but theres nothing will do against this fascist dictatorship. Why is it? Human rights seem to have a price like everything else. So much for all those speeches about upholding human rights and democracy. If you got the trade, no one cares about your crimes.


Just came across of some cretins in reddit.com/r/freespeech talking about moving to because of the " " in the bigger platforms like and .

The sinking feeling intensifies.

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"Android-puhelimiin pystyy asentamaan vaihtoehtoisia käyttöjärjestelmiä, ”mutta se on aikamoista säätämistä eikä mitään normikäyttäjän juttua”, kuten Aarnio asian tiivistää."

Voin vahvistaa, säätämistä on. Mutta LineageOS toimii!


Column in Finnish about how the rich just throws money at Notre Dame but we still have poor people and welfare state is going bankrupt. 


Rahaa tehdään julkisen vallan avulla, mutta varmistetaan turvaa tuovan koneiston köyhtyminen kiertämällä veroja. Etenkin kiukuttaa julkisten toimintojen ulkoistamisesta rahaa kuppaavat yritykset. Työttömät ja eläkeläiset maksavat veroja valtiolta saamista tuloistaan, mutta yritysten ei ilmeisesti tarvitse.

Its not a good look when three biggest powers on this tiny blue dot are ranked so low on the . is at 48, healthy 101 behind of its cold war rival at 149 and everyones favourite one party dictatorship is ranked at cool 177 (last one is at 180)

2018 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders is out! is number one again, is second and is third. Northern countries are dominating!

The land of the free is right down there at 48th between and . Go figure.


about the finnish elections in finnish 

Olihan ralli! ovat todella lähellä suomen suurimman puolueen paikkaa ja toisaalta vihertävät puolueetkin saivat kovan tuloksen.

Nyt ovet kiinni, niin pääsee sedät vääntään diiliä.

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