Looking at how much good shit the awesome people at @Framasoft have achieved to push out for others enjoyment inspires me. I would love to be part of something similar back here in the Siberia of Europe, .


One of our goals is to document our last few years to share our experience so it can be reproduced/adapted to other countries/laguages/culture.

Please do tell us if you have a team with such a project, so we'll have to impose ourselves a deadline ;).

@Framasoft yeah about that.. I have zero skills, only ideas. And very limited amount of friends with the needed skills (or time). One can dream though.

@whirli The hosting of bunch of free software services is something I would like to do, but I don't have the funds to do it in the same scale. In the mean time I'm hosting some services for my close friends.

@markus that's the reason we'd need group of people who could pool most of the resources together. But you know this already. Maybe hacklabs would be interested in helping? Contacts in cities and corporation could help with hardware.

@whirli I will seriously consider this! I cannot see how we couldn't do this

@markus Right on! I'm sort of drawing list of people who might be able to help in some capacity. It would be fun to at least try and start from very small.

@whirli Great! Contact me if someone start organizing (before I do - though that might not be in near future). I'm willing to give my sysadmin skills to some non-profit action!

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