First it was that would bring us . Then we get news of and now Im reading how some finnish company is also bringing their own device running .

Is this a dream? Am I awake? Future is amazing.

@whirli Let's hope it doesn't all fall apart the way it did in the post-n900 era, where the entire community fragmented and never managed to deliver a real phone.

Delivering a phone based on a *real* GNU/Linux distribution with upstream free software running on it makes the whole prospect more hopeful by a lot though...!

@cwebber oh my beloved N900. I still have mine (with broken USB, of course). I need a keyboard on my phone.

But yeah, you're right about the risk of fragmentation. Fingers crossed that we get couple phones running gnulinux.

@whirli @cwebber somebody said N900 and I am compelled to join the discussion even though I don't have anything to say.


@whirli @cwebber

Same here! Not sure what to add except... Look at this beauty 😍

@cybette @qwazix @cwebber this makes sad for . Maybe some day we will see something similar.

@qwazix @whirli @cwebber

Indeed. That picture is frame-worthy :) I have all the devices except the N810

@whirli Ideally, Nokia should have done with Maemo what Google did later with Android. That is, go to other manufacturers and yell "TAKE IT! Take this platform and make your stuff, as many devices as possible! You don't have to worry about writing your own OS anymore, and you don't owe us a thing. It's ready, it's universal, it's versatile, TAKE IT!"


@drequivalent @cwebber there was a lot of talk about why ditched and how that might've been the last nail to their coffin. I remember one of the nokias big fishes being really upset about it. I was upset about it, that's for sure.

@whirli The guy who killed Maemo was Stephen Elop, who was a former high-level Microsoft guy. Incidentally, it just so happens that under his regime Nokia also introduced their lineup of Microsoft Windows Mobile phones, which led to Microsoft acquiring Nokia later.

I'm usually not much into conspiracy theories, but when there's tons of evidence of something happening, then yeah, I get suspicious.


@drequivalent @whirli Yeah I remember that time very clearly and all that playing out :(

@cwebber there's also the fact that Nokia had been flirting with Linux and FOSS for years. Maemo has been around since 2005 on their small tablets. There was a time that Nokia owned Qt. And as Symbian started showing its age a little bit too much, N900 was the first step towards commitment, as it was an actual phone. Then was N9, basically same deal, another step towards real OS oh a phone, now more streamlined and modernized.

But mr. Balmer can't have that, can he.

Microsoft <3 Linux you guys.


@whirli and as for fragmentation... I don't think it really can be worse than what Android did.

Android basically snapped the Linux ecosystem in half: Posix-compliant, Unix-like GNU Linux on the one side and Android Linux on the other side.

I haven't seen a case of fragmentation worse than this, even between Linux distributions. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can take a binary package from RPM and install it in Debian, and chances are it will run without any significant modification. Worst case scenario, you get the source code and build it. And then there's stuff like Appimages, which hybrid between MacOS X bundles and disk images - just take that one file and run it, it's amazing.

But you don't get to port an application from Unix part to Android and vice-versa, you have to pretty much rewrite it, because of how foreign this whole Android thing is. But yeah, it's still Linux. Not that it matters anymore.


@whirli The wake up pinch:

KDE's tried three times prior to make a linux phone or tablet, one even shipped.

So did Ubuntu

So did Mozilla

They all failed, much to my disappointment.

@Notsonoble @whirli I forgot about FirefoxOS, right :D

Which one it was that shipped?

@sunchaser @whirli The (admittedly old af) Nokia mameos the N810 and N900.

@Notsonoble @sunchaser sure thing. The big G just took their time and threw a lot of money to and look at them now. Dominating so badly its already horrible for customers/users.

Let's hope ppl have learned from this and actively support the smaller players. Being the lemmings we are, I'm not holding my breath.

Many attempts to bring a nearly identical product to a already overflown market. Sadly, guess none of them will succeed at the end, no matter how good it'll be.

@meldrian pessimism works because you already know that shitty fucking thing won't work out after all. With positivism you are in danger of feeling disappointment and that is a big boy feeling. We don't like those.

But yeah. Sure. You might very well be right :(

Don't be like that, we're on the same side. I miss my N900 very much and can't wait to own another (affordable) smartphone/device that's based on #linux.

@meldrian Hah! Agreed. That maybe came out too harsh. I thought I was trying to be funny and wanted to make you laugh at your own pessimism. gg whirli.

@meldrian those companies don't make the mistake to target the mainstream marked, instead they target the hacker and linux enthusiasts market, which is absolutely not overflown. Actually I can't think of any device in this area that is already released.

@meldrian we will need this developer devices to make the software side ready for a more consumer targeted products anyway.

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