Follow putting the technical side (how to actually organize the vote) on the side for the minute, who can tell me why plurality voting is still more widely used than single transferable voting?

To me, this seems like the best way to do the whole democracy thing. Your vote wouldn't feel so wasted.

@whirli If someones vote is transfered, its like they got two votes! Unfair!

Wanna make an infographic or maybe an faq in markdown?

@whirli STV is hard for people to understand. The purpose of an election isn't to choose a leader, but to convince everyone that the leader was chosen in a fair way.

@Wolf480pl @whirli "You get to choose your top three favorites. If your main man has no chance of being elected, your vote goes to your second priority. If also your secondary pal is unpopular, third komrad gets your vote."
Is this complicated or too incomplete?

@byllgrim @whirli @wolf480pl cool voting systems don't mean anything when nefarious external control the media and the government gets to import people to vote for them

@vercingetorix @whirli @Wolf480pl Is this "any step in the right direction is not worth doing unless the complete shift is within viewing range?"

@byllgrim @wolf480pl @whirli no it's that voting is worthless when you're a minority

@vercingetorix @whirli @Wolf480pl
With STV, people would dare vote for the tiniest parties. Today, people are afraid of wasting the vote (contributing to the futility felt by minorities). PR-STV makes it even more worthwhile.

@byllgrim @vercingetorix @Wolf480pl the main advantage, to me, is how voters can more freely vote for minority options as well. When you get to choose more than one candidate it feels like your vote is worth something.

@byllgrim @vercingetorix @Wolf480pl and I think talking about how fucked up the media and other things, like money in politics, (in some countries) are is not the actual topic. Why isn't "STV" more widely used?

@whirli People I've spoken to never heard of it, never ever even entertained the idea of changing our electoral system. "What we've got works well enough. Give me convenience or give me death!"

@byllgrim that might be one of the reasons, yeah. I wish I could post you the link, but I read a longer thing on the threats to democracy and one was complacency. How democracy is seen as already somehow perfect, no need to try and better something that is already just fine.

@whirli @alcinnz because plurality voting entrenches and enforces control of the political sphere by the powerful?

It depends what you mean by “best”
@whirli @alcinnz and organising the vote isn’t difficult.

Organising the *count* otoh....
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