Column in Finnish about how the rich just throws money at Notre Dame but we still have poor people and welfare state is going bankrupt. Show more

2018 World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders is out! is number one again, is second and is third. Northern countries are dominating!

The land of the free is right down there at 48th between and . Go figure.

Finnish politics in Finnish Show more

Just saw this in

from the comments:
"The Anglo-Portuguese alliance is widely considered to be the longest lasting alliance still in force today, and a great symbol of a centuries-old friendship stretching back to the 1300s. The Portuguese national anthem is about... fighting the English."

"Even the world not in union is in union about this. The entirety of America, Oceania and Africa can unite around this noble cause."

was a pretty place. Too bad rest of the world has heard it aswell and the trails were packed. Thank you and , today we are off to .

It snowed in today! I've waited for this. Too bad it will be gone tomorrow. Give me moar !

Apparently I'm not the only one suffering with this god awful .

It's midnight and its _only_ +20°C in , . Almost comfortable. I know I shouldn't complain about this but I've been absolutely miserable. Its been around +30°C for few days and looks like this will continue for a full week! I miss winter. Give me snow and cold wind, please.

Pyhä-Nattanen was amazing. That rock formation on top of a fjell looks weird and I can understand why someone would think it's a holy place.

Reached civilization! Local beer tastes so good! Did some light maintenance to my gear, washed laundry and my self in camping area right next to the centrum of . Next stop Pyhä Nattanen fjell.

In there are these things called mosquitoes. There's a lot of em bastards during summer months so as a weak southerner I'm forced to brew my morning like this. Good morning!

We went to this weekend. Our goal was to hike few kilometres to our favourite little pond and just relax for two days. Mission accomplished!

We opened the season! Went or in . Pleasant afternoon that ended with couple of beers. We might do this a lot this . If you're ever in Helsinki be sure to go to

Last bits and I'll have completed my apex (200g + 133g) topquilt for this winters adventures. Yay!

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