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Concentration camps in China 

Again, I'd like to use this to spam my new fediverse-home @whirli
If you followed me here then I'd love it if you'd follow me again in my new home.

For the I'd like to suggest me myself and I in [email protected] If you have been following me here I'd love you to follow me again!


I cant help to feel disappointed about the selection. Feels like a true friendly. Oh well. I suppose its wise. Lets see what Ireland will do after the shocker of last week.

is bombing civilians in and European arms dealers, with their governments help, made it possible. What are the chances that someone will be found guilty in anything? If you want to feel angry and frustrated try to find this documentary.

Crimes de guerre au Yémen, les complicités européennes - capatv.com/portfolio-item/spec

Or in french with finnish subtitles (finnish IP needed) War Crimes Dealers - areena.yle.fi/1-50118373

I thought as much. Lets see where this takes me. Cheers for the help and dont hesitate to contact me if you need any help on your Finland experience.

He is back! Surveillance Camera Man is back again with his travel series.

Vagrant Holiday IV - Japan

So, for me, better to start with terminal and then maybe start learning GUI later on?

Yeah, don't worry about the kids yet. Its just a little project to learn basics of programming while working on something interesting (for me, anyways) and I'm wondering if its better to first have a CLI thingie running before all that GUI nonsense.

You already have one strong language. This wouldn't really help you. This would help kids to eventually read.

Learning again. Or atleast trying to. Got few courses on for free so no excuses.

I have an idea of small to practice linguistic awareness (in Finnish for 5-8 year olds). Can't wait to start doing it and learn more.

Question: should I first do my program just for the terminal and then start building GUI around that?

I salute you sir for your patience! It must be exhausting being as paranoid and angry as @[email protected]

Do you mind telling me reasons why you oppose universal healthcare? Here it works pretty well.

Oh yeah! I know what I'm doing once I get home.

Im managing without google play services and pretty used to them not working without google but I just tried it. Works normally. Nice!

Hallöchen from Berlin! We've been going around Europe on our very first adventure and I got to give big shout out to ! with almost everything you need. Like finding post boxes in the city because analog post cards are still amazing.

You'll miss out in reviews (and some other corporate stuff you might need) and the public transport is a bit questionable but with some common sense you'll be just fine.

@olimex I think my A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 is yearning for . Any news?

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

Im experiencing the same syncing problem. Id love to use but Id want it to sync between devices.

@neomorph be sure to go to . Weirdest and most awesome is sompasauna sompasauna.fi/ If youd rather pay for the experience the most authentic old school (and pricey) experience can be found at Kotiharjun sauna kotiharjunsauna.fi/hinnasto/

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