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Finally dipping my toes to the murky waters of with the help of online course.

Primarily doing this cause I feel its one of the essential skills and I should at least have some knowledge of it. Secondly I hope it might take me to new places.

Oi! @Jami !
If I could be so rude and request that you fine people might take the trouble and push some newer versions of your wonderful communications tool to the ? Pretty please?

was a pretty place. Too bad rest of the world has heard it aswell and the trails were packed. Thank you and , today we are off to .

I would love to use (fdroid) with few of my friends but the damn thing insist on feasting on my phones battery. Unusable for me right now.

Came across this randomly. World Chase Tag looks like a lot of fun. Spatial awareness these guys have is amazing. Let alone the control and acceleration.. I wouldnt fare well in this sport.

My pathetic little is upgraded and all is well. Even got A+ rating on their security scanner. Yay!

If you, too, need a guide to install nextcloud, that takes your hand and never let's you down, use this Carsten is one of those heroes we don't deserve. Thanks a lot Carsten o>

Based on the inactivity of the governments of the west, has the actions Xi Jinping and BsM proven that have monetary value?

you beauty. Even if would be safe behind diplomatic immunity it would at least look like someone is doing something. Unlike the self acclaimed human rights defenders of the west who are defending dictators like MbS and by doing nothing.

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On November 13th, 2018, the FreedomBox Foundation held a summit in New York City with our core developers. We discussed our goals, obstacles, and future.

We held this summit because we are at an important moment in the history of #FreedomBox. We're making big plans.

For those who couldn't attend, we've just published a summary of the summit. If you want to be a part of our future, make sure you read this document!

💾 Download here: what to do? Id love to tell these people how their hasn't actually been infringed but there's a risk they might learn about . I dont want these self proclaimed "freedom of speech" advocates to join fediverse cause I dislike fascism and racism. But they will find their way here when they all eventually, and rightly so, get banned from all the corporate social medias. Finally someone made one of these. religious right is so weird and conflicted that I'm surprised it ever got traction here in as well.

Just ordered board to try and test it as a . Yay! Of course I forgot about the wifi dongle. Boo!

It snowed in today! I've waited for this. Too bad it will be gone tomorrow. Give me moar !

updater went and did a number on my wee server. "Internal server error". Too frustrated to do anything about it now.

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