Katarzyna Górna: Marsz cywilizacji ku zagładzie jest niesamowity. Mnie to fascynuje

I also would like to thank for donating computing power to set up a big ports build cluster allowing to run complete bulks in less than 12h. They provide official support for and it's been as stable as it can be for years!

“Nie bać się tego, choć czasem mnie samego to denerwuje, że czasami informacja musi być oczywista. Jeżeli sądzimy, że w XXI wieku wszyscy wiedzą, że dwa razy dwa jest cztery, mylimy się”.

Enjoy all of the different branded vulnerabilities for #Intel CPUs.


#OpenBSD is working on our mitigations for their defective CPUs, but it'll take a little while.

"Esta imagen desgarradora es solo una muestra de a donde estamos llevando a nuestro mundo con nuestro accionar. En este caso, por fortuna, el fotógrafo se encargó de liberar esta cigüeña de una bolsa de plástico en un vertedero en España." - photo by John Cancalosi

"One shot capture. I watched the leopard stalking the stork, I only had time to focus at 400mm, no time to change to high speed, I watched the stork and as soon as it flapped it's wings I shot one shot. And you don’t know if it got away or not, the beauty of photography...and the Serengeti." - photo by Paul Rifkin


My greatest dream achieved. 70 days in The Amazon Rainforest. It feels just enough but enormous energy of life is addictive.

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