@stevej doubt it. Plenty of good countryside, lakes, etc around

Stumbled upon findmice.org/ through totally legitimate web searches today

@tpheine that is super cute. And our kindergarten teacher was from Munich! Alas, still no Zuckertüten. Had to learn about it from the internet

@tpheine i thought this was a weird mastadon reference until i googled it!

@dsully Really like our Away carryon. Though I had a funny experience last time w/Delta where the gate agent made me remove the battery before boarding the plane, even though I was clearly going to just carry the battery on alongside the luggage. Silly.

Pro tip for newcomers: You probably don't need an app. The site works well on mobile and (if you're on iOS) the add-to-homescreen option in the sharing panel will put an icon on your homescreen which makes it feel just like a native app! 📲

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