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People say this place is a street.
But they behave like it's their living room.
While in reality, it's a soapbox on the main square.

Meanwhile all I wanted is a watercooler.

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1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Understand what's so hard about making wheels
3. Observe how a round wheel someone invented a while ago performs better than your square one.
4. Appreciate the brilliant and simple solutions to all wheel design issues that a round wheel implements.
5. Throw away your square wheel.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Push it to production

Show thread is fun and all, but then suddenly it's midnight...

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@wolf480pl a locker which is a wayland compositor would probably be interesting for other use-cases, like putting a clock or now-playing info or some other widget onto the lock screen

What is the Wayland way of passing a window/surface as an argument to another program?

On X11, you'd just pass XID, because everyone can draw on everything, right? And some programs, eg. mpv, take an optional window ID to draw on as a commandline argument.
Would this be possible on Wayland without changing WAYLAND_DISPLAY and proxying everything?

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My friend, when giving a presentation:

what is a database...

me, when giving a presentation:
"X11isanasynchronousprotocol ithasobjectslikewindowsorpixmapsidentifiedwithints requestswhereaclientaskstheserverandgetsaresponse eventsarewhereserversendsyousomethingonitsown requestandeventtypesarealsoints somenumbersarereservedforextensions"

I wish we had more dumb storage media.

These days, most storage devices - USB sticks, HDDs, SD cards - have a builtin controller and firmware. If it gets pwned, you can't trust any data on the device, and there's no easy way to verify the firmware.

Back in the day, we used to use Floppies, tapes and CDs. In case of these, the controller was part of the computer, and you only removed the raw medium.

Tapes are still around, but they're pretty niche...

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Rolled the dice on a faulty DEQ2496 on ebay. Turns out it just has bad power supply caps. When I took it apart I noticed the firmware is stored in socketed flash, and I couldn't help myself, I had to edit the splash screen...

My fintertips still hurt from yesterday's wires....

Cutting cables to perfect length sucks if you do something wrong or need to change things up in the future.

But if you leave some extra length, that extra length needs to go *somewhere*, taking up space and possibly making a mess...


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So I managed to break through a milestone when most GUI Framework would eat up more than 50 mb of video card memory when using GPU acceleration, Firefox would eat 300+ mb without any webpage being loaded. (Singular tab on about:blank.)

On my GUI Framework, for the test environment after resizing and adding various controls and other abuses, it maintain at 6 MB of video memory while retaining 60+ fps. I'm just so happy today after doing a lot of work on this project. I've been working on supporting CPU Rendering, OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal, and DirectX and it require so much work and testing for each platform.
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@wolf480pl yeah, it's pretty fun. But now I want to get 0xcafebabe but I have no business in Asia...

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@ignaloidas oh fuck, you can mix-and-match those, too?

ping 0x7f.1

gethostbyname is weird...
try the following:

ping 1.1
ping 512
ping 0xc0a80001

and watch what IP it's pinging.

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To be clear, the helpdesk person is nice, calm, competent, and I appreciate their time. It is not their fault.

Always be respectful towards first line helpdesk people. It is almost never their fault, almost always they are dealing with the fallout of somebody else's bullshit.

It is a very special kind of cowardice and perfidy to make some front line helpdesk tech take the shit from customers for your atrocious technological (or any other kind) decisions.

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Cable ducts are expensive.

But at least I need to drill roughly 1 hole per meter of cable. If I was using cable clips, I'd need them denser than one per meter.

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okay so i tried to calculate the block number knowing the hex offset in bytes (= offset / 4096), found the inode using that block with

debugfs -R "icheck $block_number" /dev/sda1

then found the file for that inode using

debugfs -R "ncheck $inode_number" /dev/sda1

now let's see if i found the right file..

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bad joke, nuclear reactors 

High-Power Sewer-type Reactor

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This is beautiful: An exploration of Shostakovich's work which cleverly and subtly criticized communism while appearing to be patriotic. All without ever using the words "Stalin", "Hitler" or "Nazis" so as to avoid being demon(et)ized by Youtube.

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