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People say this place is a street.
But they behave like it's their living room.
While in reality, it's a soapbox on the main square.

Meanwhile all I wanted is a watercooler.

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1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Understand what's so hard about making wheels
3. Observe how a round wheel someone invented a while ago performs better than your square one.
4. Appreciate the brilliant and simple solutions to all wheel design issues that a round wheel implements.
5. Throw away your square wheel.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Push it to production

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I hate this.
I lost motivation now.
Workarounds don't make work faster, they just make it sadder.

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tfw. not allowed to hunt down a bug because workaround exista and I've spent too much time on the task already

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Reposting this meme with alt text

(I would give credit, but I don't know who originally made it, possibly this Reddit user:

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btw. it's this one

don't buy it.

It looks like half of the time, it connects D+/D- before VBUS/GND.

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TIL using a mechanical switch for switching USB signals is a bad idea.

I should've known.
I knew switch contacts wear out and bounce and all that kinda stuff. I should've thought that this would be a problem for USB.

> weather
> is cold (relatively, 20°C)

thank you!

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> last week of school
> teachers are not watching let's all play counter-strike on LAN

I miss those times

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microsoft github 

WAIT before you go and delete your account

start uploading code that contains as many bugs as possible. I figure the syntax needs to be correct or it'd get filtered out fairly easily

but like, logic bugs. off-by-ones. checking return values wrong.

if the function returns -1 for error, check it against 0. do if(strcmp(string,"expected"))
use strcpy().
use printf(user-controlled-value)

this is kind of what the internet is good at, right? making AIs act in ways their masters don't like?

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does anyone know of a tool that will synchronise multiple remote git repos if I just provide a list of URLs and bunch of ssh keys?

The heat made me too exhausted to complain so I'll just keep boosting and unboosting Poni's post until it stops being hot

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@wolf480pl Hence why everyone should develop their software to run well on a Rapsberry Pi

Or at least that used to be the case, now even Raspberry Pis start at 2GB RAM, going up to 8GB and have pretty decent ARM processors.

All hope has been lost, we are forever doomed to drown in bloat
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> One might argue that it is ok, in this era of multi-gigabyte desktops, to read the entire document into memory. But it is not ok. [...] Using less memory is always better.

- SQLite docs (

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