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People say this place is a street.
But they behave like it's their living room.
While in reality, it's a soapbox on the main square.

Meanwhile all I wanted is a watercooler.

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1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Understand what's so hard about making wheels
3. Observe how a round wheel someone invented a while ago performs better than your square one.
4. Appreciate the brilliant and simple solutions to all wheel design issues that a round wheel implements.
5. Throw away your square wheel.

1. Reinvent a square wheel
2. Push it to production

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Damn it I envy MumboJumbo for being happy with the stuff he builds in minecraft.

I can't remember the last time I made something I was happy with, minecraft or not.

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Retro fact of the day

The Bandai WonderSwan is a handheld console released in 1999. Notably, it did not feature a headphone jack - you had to buy a licensed adapter (internally a DAC) for the proprietary EXT port.

This caused problems to modern-day collectors, as the adapters became very expensive on the second-hand market, and the only person making custom EXT ports charges $85 for the privilege...

... until someone found out that you can just use an HDMI plug (!?) and it fits just well enough to electrically connect (!?).

Should I get a USB switch?

Switching my monitor between 2 computers is relatively easy - the builtin input selector does the job.

But switching the keyboard/mouse/soundcard is a bit of a pain, since the monitor's USB hub has only one upstream port. So I have to unplug the USB cable from one computer and plug it into the other.

USB switches seem to be much cheaper than KVM switches, I guess video is the hard part....

imagine buying a second-hand server-style KVM switch without cables

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I'm old enough to remember when software that sent records of everything you did and websites you visited was called "spyware".

How times have changed.

And I don't mean that spyware has gone away.

I wish I could redo my house's circuit breaker panel... it's kinda a mess but also critical infrastructure and I don't believe in my ability to put things back together when something goes not to plan :/

Also the wires that go into the wall are very short.

I wonder if it's just software, or if every field seems like a horrible mess when you know it well enough and are a perfectionist...

tfw. tempted have my own ACKs / sequence numbers on top of TCP, to figure out which messages were already received by the other party

And I say it as thr guy who played the hacker. And the hacker mechanics were fine.
But my friend who played the spy did ragequit multiple times.

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Yesterday me and a friend finished playing Clandestine.

This game....

Their plan for an asymmetric co-op was good, and they clearly put a lot of care. Lots of minor details are done surprisingly well, eg. guards speak the language appropriate for the location where the mission is taking place.

But they screwed up the core mechanic. Sneaking and silent takedowns are incredibly, game-breakingly buggy. And the checkpoints are in stupid and unpredictable places.

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httppppppppppp-upload: full drive exploit

The discovery and mitigation of httppppppppppp-upload and code to exploit it.

#xmpp #vuln

Also looks like gtx 1070 price went down a lot last couple months around here, down to 1000 PLN used.

And the next thing after that is RX 6600 which starts at ~1800 PLN.

Kinda sucks there's no middle ground, except maybe a 1070 with a warranty.

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reviews be like "i5-12400 is slightly better and $20 cheaper" yeah but a reasonable (as in, DDR4, and not H610) mobo for it is ~$60 more expensive than a B550 mobo for AMD.

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lol Ryzen 5600 and 5600X are literally the same price now

RGB is nice as long as you don't use all the colors at once

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Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. ​:boost_love:​

Sometimes I think Czech is better than Polish - more regular and stuff - but then I see words like "vrh"

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Did I enter an alternate reality? #Linux #nvidia

NVIDIA Transitioning To Official, Open-Source Linux GPU Kernel Driver

The day has finally come: NVIDIA IS PUBLISHING THEIR LINUX GPU KERNEL MODULES AS OPEN-SOURCE! To much excitement and a sign of the times, the embargo has just expired on this super-exciting milestone that many of us have been hoping to see for many years. Over the past two decades NVIDIA has offered great Linux driver support with their proprietary driver stack, but with the success of AMD’s open-source driver effort going on for more than a decade, many have been calling for NVIDIA to open up their drivers. Their user-space software is remaining closed-source but as of today they have formally opened up their Linux GPU kernel modules and will be maintaining it moving forward. Here’s the scoop on this landmark open-source decision at NVIDIA.

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Systems administrators when they have to administrate a system

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