'Finnish Minister: EU Needs to Establish Own OS, Web Browser':

... or just use choose a distro of GNU/Linux and Firefox.

at this point, Mozilla is lretty muxh an evil corp as well. And there are only two browser engines alive. We need more, or we'll end up with a monoculture.

> Mozilla is lretty muxh an evil corp as well

Mainly because they depend on EvilCorp for funding. If a consortium of governments (eg EU) helped fund #Mozilla development via their own soft fork, this would both liberate Mozilla and cost much less than creating a new browser from scratch.

@strypey You'd need to:
- ditch most of Mozilla's organizational structure
- undo years of productization of the browser itself

@strypey and even then that doesn't help increase browser implementation diversity


@strypey The main problems with web browsers:
- scope creep, trying to be a platform for application development, which causes
- complexity, too-big-to-fail-ness, which causes
- implementation monoculture, which allows scope creep and
- user-hostile design - pretending you know better what's good for the users than the users themselves

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@strypey having a different organization developing Firefox could help fix the last issue.

Making a new well-funded browser from scratch could fix the last two.
Then you could get a seat at WHATWG, and try to fix the scope creep, which is encoded in web standards.

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