Petition to rename Hacker News to Capitalist News


@sir you sure wanna call that "News" ?

IMO, "Corporate Hype" would be a more accurate name

@wolf480pl petition to rename Capitalist News to Capitalist Propaganda

@sir inaccurate IMO.
Don't ascribe malice to what can be explained by stupidity.

@wolf480pl disagree. Half the commenters have hidden financial incentives which drive their words. If I believed they were speaking from the heart then I would have to significantly lower my opinion of humanity

@sir humanity is cursed tbh.
Way more than computers.

@wolf480pl @sir Well computers are a product of humanity (and in all the crap we've done they're probably quite good).

@lanodan @sir
For one, computers aren't subject to logical fallacies.

@wolf480pl @sir Uuuh, what?
I mean sure they are still a calculator but we can probably implement a bunch of fallacies, specially when going higher level.

@lanodan @sir
You could, but you'd have to go out of your way.
Like those ML people.

By default, computers are precise, logical, and consistent.

@wolf480pl @sir The hardware of a computer might be quite consistent but software?

Linux distros are full of unpredictable behaviour for example.
Like I would *never* use linux distros for something like a phone, mediacenter, television, … but here we are.

And ML is basically automating this "throw code at computer until it seems to work", it's also going to be great with the "testing is doubting" crowd.

@lanodan @sir
Even then, I find software easier to understand and communicate with than humans.

@wolf480pl @sir Here is something that I discovered while doing some basic ass linguistics in high-school: Humans are crap at communication, they're often incapable of reporting issues and can't grasp shared issues (it's often not only their fault so the whole problem lies with the other party) or other's nuances.

Like one thing that I remember from UX for example is that the users will actually not tell you what they want. IIRC the most reliable way is doing multiple mockups and then see which ones actually works and repeat that.
@sir @wolf480pl "my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of my employers"
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