There are plenty of scummy companies that distribute FFmpeg illegally. FFmpeg by itself is LGPL, so its fine to use as a library, but linking to x264 makes it GPL, so it makes your project GPL so you have to distribute your source code.
Linking so say, the blackmagic sdk or libfdk makes it non-free, which is completely illegal to distribute any binaries linking to it.
And then there's NDI. Fuck NDI.

They distribute ffmpeg compiled with both GPL and non-free which links against their own non-free libraries.
Then they fucking sue a single developer reverse engineering their non-free libraries to make a free library.
Then they say how important it is that ffmpeg supports libndi because their users really use it a lot.
Then they are completely unwilling to remove their illegally distributed ffmpeg from the SDK, say nothing about how they sue developers, and refuse to release a free library.

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So 10 months ago ffmpeg removed support for linking against libndi because of this.
The impact hasn't been felt yet since users are (really) slow to upgrade.
But once they do there will be lots of bugs being filed and lots of complaints sent.
I hope at least some of this hits NDI. Getting a legal notice is the equivalent of swatting IMO, and can be really really really bad for someone doing this just for fun.
I just _hope_ that I never get sued by say Fraunhofer or Dolby. I have enough to worry.

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It sucks how corpos can sue all they want, but individual foss devs (eg. x264 authors) usually can't sue because lawyer fees :/

@wolf480pl x264 authors can sue anyone they want, because they're mostly all LOADED with cash. Like millions. Because of x264's proprietary licensing program.
One dev even donated half a million 2 or so years ago to an "AI is bad and evil and must be regulated skynet oh no" cult/foundation/thing.
Its not lawyer fees that's the problem. Its the fact you'd need to go to court and prove your innocence or guilt.
Its honestly easier and less stressful to just go someplace remote and be a fugitive.

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