@mjorgensen This is a bad argument. First, children and teenagers rarely ever get symptoms from this virus. Second, child abuse ER visit have gone up 35%! That's not kids getting slapped around; that's broken bones and parents who think they've killed kids. Hearing aids, speech issues, malnutrition; all these types of issues have surveillance in the schools, and all of that is gone!

Scott Atlas goes into it in more detail in this clip, and I wrote about it here: battlepenguin.com/politics/sec

@djsumdog @mjorgensen This is interesting and sad to hear. The only critical question I have is even though teens and children don't display symptoms as much as adults, being asymptomatic are they still able to spread the virus still?


@Elite_Shinobi @djsumdog @[email protected]
AFAIK they are able to spread it.

Also, in the context of COVID, the school can't be "on fire" if it's empty. An empty school is not dnagerous, and it won't become more dangerous with time.

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@wolf480pl @djsumdog @mjorgensen Ah, kinda feel like a dumbass, right after you responded I saw the OP and now I understand the context of the response. Thank you for the clarification.

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