extensions.pocket.enabled false

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@wolf480pl So many things to set to false. Except the few traps that end in ".disabled" and that have to be set to true.

@nihl well, I'm not going to set svg.disasbled true. I'm not that extreme.

@wolf480pl Right, one of the few things that don't have to be disabled.

@nihl you know what sucks? I set security.identityblock.show_extended_validation to true, it worked for a while, and then it stopped working. Maybe due to firefox update, because now it lets me delet that setting... :/

@wolf480pl Firefox makes me think of Windows sometimes, they release updates that delete stuff that was useful and don't even let you know when you enabled it.

One of them is an opearting system so big and convoluted that nobody understands how it works, developed by a group of people who think they know better what the user needs, but instead keep making user-hostile decisions, and adding spyware.

And the other is MS Windows

@wolf480pl Firefox OS was discontinued because Firefox itself already is pretty much an OS.
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