I think I've figured out, how to escape html tags in a way it does not break in #Olifant, when using #Pleroma. Not a good way IMO, but at least it is more or less easy to predict behavior 😄️

@wolf480pl @alex because GTK markup does know nothing about paragraph HTML element 😔️

Ok, but if you didn't delete it, your later regex would make it linebreak, no?

@wolf480pl @alex basically, yes. Here I presumed that <p> tags are followed by other <p> tags, so closing of paragraph creates line break which is needed to display the paragraph...

But I've just figured out that I should remove only leading <p> tag, while replacing every other with line break.

@alexcleac @alex yeah, like, it's legal HTML to make paragraphs like

<p>First paragraph
<p>Second paragraph
<p>Third paragraph

@wolf480pl Thank God the first HTML standard I learned was XHTML

@naruciakk an HTML document can be serialized in two ways:
- XHTML - an XML-based serialization format for computers
- HTML - an SGML-based mistake-tolerant language for sloppy humans to be able to make websites in notepad

I don't think any of them is inherently worse than the other, they just serve different purposes.

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@wolf480pl @naruciakk Personally I wish we had come to a better compromise between the two camps... I've got one I'm trying out...

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