@mdszy I'm a centrist

I'm actually pretty right wing but don't wanna alienate my cool left wing friends

@category @mdszy let's be honest, anyone who was "conservative" in 1975 (or by that standard, at least) and not distinctly racist would be off the left end of the American political spectrum today

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Really? A conservative by 1975's standard would be way too leftist by 2020 standard?
I don't know much about uspol, but I'd expect the opposite...

@wolf480pl @category @mdszy apart from the racism, yeah.

The Presidents of that general era were Johnson, Nixon, <sm>Ford</sm> and Carter. The Right has moved *way far* right since then.

@RandomDamage uh, these names mean nothing to me.
Can you give me some examples of policies or opinions the right held at the time that would be considered left wing by today's standards?

Like, what did they think about tradition? about family? church? immigration? climate?

@wolf480pl @RandomDamage I think this is more a commentary onhow US politics has warped over the years - a 1975 US conservative would be considered far left in the US today... But what the US considers far left, would still be conservative in most of the world.

Hell, I saw a Reddit post with someone (in North Carolina, IIRC) being called a socialist for wanting a public library in their town

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I think treating it as a single linear axis won't take us far.

Depending on time and place, you can have a religious traditionalist who supports welfare and public healthcare,
or an anti-theical social reformist who thinks public health is a bit too communist.

@RandomDamage @wolf480pl @category UBI is the liberal way to sedate popular malcontent while keeping the social hierarchy rigid. the other prong is drug liberalization, for the same purpose.

@benis @category @RandomDamage
how does UBI decrease social mobility? o.O

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@wolf480pl @category @RandomDamage as I said, by way of sedation: you're less likely to revolt if you think you're being helped. the trick is giving enough to ensure survival but not enough to allow for investment.
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