youtube-dl, the most popular project in the world for backing up YouTube content, was just taken down

make no mistake -- YouTube wants to keep you trapped

and when they decide to ban you without warning, they don't want there to be backups

@lbry it's RIAA (i.e. record companies) not YouTube that sent the DMCA

@wolf480pl Using a whopping 3 songs as justification. UMG, Sony, Werner.

@BrodieOnLinux @dowodenum
if these three songs were used as examples in youtube-dl's official docs (which I can't check whether they were, because the repo is down....) then it'd kinda make sense that they'd list those.

It'd also mean whoever wrote youtube-dl documentation did a pretty stupid thing.

@wolf480pl @BrodieOnLinux no, you are barking up the wrong tree. even if youtube-dl had never included tests or examples using videos of copyrighted music, they'd still find a way to take it down if they wanted to.

@cadence @wolf480pl @BrodieOnLinux my theory is that some intern was searching for mentions of albums in source code and that’s how they found it

it’s a guess, but, I think it’s entirely possible they would have never learned it existed without those names


@fluffy @BrodieOnLinux @cadence
I wonder where they get their music from then...

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@wolf480pl @BrodieOnLinux @cadence they probably don’t “get” any music, just use spotify like everyone these days

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