Hm, not super thrilled about TLS Encrypted Client Hello requiring the public key to be published to the DNS... We'll really end up with ACME clients that *need* write access to the DNS zone.

Maybe this can be mitigated with proper scoping and expiration of these DNS entries. But we're still ways off a proper widely-supported DNS update protocol.


@emersion are you sure the ECH public key is the same as the TLS certificate?
I'd expect it to be a separate thing, which you can rotate separately if you want, but I haven't yet seen evidence in either direction...

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@wolf480pl my reading of the RFC would suggest that it's the same key, yeah...

@emersion I skimmed through the ECH RFC but haven't found anything saying that, so I'll be grateful for pointers in which part it's written.

@wolf480pl Eh, no, you're right, sounds like it could be different.

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