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@fsf tfw. at my school the students' council forced the faculty to use Zoom for teaching, even though there is a jitsi meet instance running on faculty servers...

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@jeder @fsf
It was like this.

Studens' Council:
"we demand that each faculty picks one videoconferencing tool and uses it for all their classes"

data protection officer:
"previously I said Zoom is no good, but now we have a data processing agreement with them, so it's good now"

faculty: "uh oh I guess we'll use Zoom because it checks all the boxes"

@wolf480pl @fsf I understand it 😥 some times the ignorance let this situation happen, maybe the school buy many Zoom proprietary licenses, maybe only for the name, you know "Zoom, the magical video conference platform". and they don't wanted to look stupid for inverting in something that they already have, maybe that's the reason.

I know how it feels, in my school they have a BigBlueButton instance and they are forced to use Cisco Webex, maybe for the same reason 🤔 .

Anyway you know what and why those programs are better o worse; so use this knowledge. some person don't know what is jitsi. be the best that you can be 😊
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