One thing I fight with on Linux is RAM and SWAP that is being used in 10ths of GBs, yet tools like htop don't show any processes using that much memory (even when run as super user). I know that disk reads are cached, this is not the problem here though. What is eating up my RAM? Why I cannot identify processes that allocated this memory? How can I reclaim it without rebooting my system?
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@unfa The RES(ident) column would probably be what to look at to identify memory usage by process. So if you group the threads like has been suggested and then sort by RES then probably something would stick out.


@espen @unfa
this ^
plus if you're on systemd, you can set DefaultMemoryAccounting=yes
in /etc/systemd/system.conf
(requires reboot)

and see RAM usage grouped by user / systemd service using systemd-cgtop

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