also they had to fuckin' change the menu again

speaking of Firefox, why can't its logo be less two-blobs-of-color and more like this

oh, great, they also removed the alternative search methods from tab order - typing something in the search bar and pressing tab no longer switches to wikipedia....

And laggy as hell.

browser.proton.enabled=false suppsedly fixes that. It certainly fixes half of the ugliness.

@kuba I hope they fix their performance issues before dropping this setting. Then I'll only need some userChrome.css or sth.

@wolf480pl it's weird how polarizing the new design is... I really like it tbh

@tromino my two biggest complaint about it are that compact mode is now "unsupported", and that they changed the menu layout.

As for the latter, it doesn't really matter if the new menu layout is better. I only recently got used to the previous one, now I can't find anything again. They shouldn't be changing it every year...

In the long run I think it'd be better if they allowed themes to do more, as opposed to trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all UI...

@wolf480pl yeah, the fact that the compact mode is hidden now is pretty strange :blobcatthinking:

actually, I feel like I'd like an option to make the tabs compact while keeping the toolbar the same size

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