Let's face it, to the wider world open source has a bit of a PR problem. I know from personal experience. I've known about Linux for about 20 years and yet it's only in the last three months that I've started to seriously use it. What's taken me so long? There is so much understandable outrage at the moment about the likes of Facebook. Why aren't more people exploring the alternatives?

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@wolf480pl @mikehow I don't think PR is the issue. When you buy a laptop or phone you have proprietary software rammed down your throat. Most people are content with using this software. There is no avenue for the average person to have FOSS software shoved upon them.
When is the last time you seen an ad for Microsoft Office or similar products that's normally pushed on devices.

@omnipotens @mikehow I think shoving FOSS upon people would be bad and hypocritical.

@wolf480pl @mikehow disagree to a point. People don't really care if it's foss for proprietary as long as it works. People use open source software everyday and don't give it much thought. Android, chromebooks, even system76 sells hardware with opensource. The average person just don't really care.


@omnipotens @mikehow
yeah but they have a choice. iphone vs android, chromebook vs surface.

Also notice how Google's behaviour towards Android has more common with "I'm an evil corp selling a product to stoopid users" than with "I'm promoting free software to empower users"

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