Imagine if clipboard was just a bytestring^W file, instead of this rpc with mimetypes

@wolf480pl I kind of wish for clipboard to die, so much of it's uses should be one-to-one communication rather than a weird one-to-all

@lanodan give me pipes for GUI and I'll leave clipboard in an instant

@wolf480pl Well drag-and-drop is almost pipes for GUIs just needs to be done better, specially in terms of accessibility as it's mouse only.

@lanodan drag and drop is a PITA because you can't hold something dragged while manipulating other GUIness.

@wolf480pl Well true, but in a way it could work like clipboard or kind of like welding cables in games like Garry's Mod.

> GUIness

Guinness is for drink! :D

@lanodan i mean, if there's a place to put it away and come back to it later, that's a win.

Also I think we had a discussion a while ago about GUI pipes and attachment points at the edges of windows. IIRC you were indending to implement that :P

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> IIRC you were indending to implement that :P

*stretches arms wide* this is how much shit I want to do.
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