Just did some quick testing using reprotest to see if the various MNT Reform firmwares are #reproducible and sure enough, they are!

With an eye to someday doing more thorough testing, I put together some initial packaging for Debian:


To package for Debian, it would be nicer if firmware were in a separate git repository...

Now I just need to actually *test* these firmwares on my mnt/reform!


@vagrantc Side question: why do Debian source packages copy the upstream source tree and add a debian subdirectory inside it, instead of having a link to source tatball (or git repo) and downloading it during the build, like Arch's PKGBUILDs, Alpine's APKBUILDs and RPM specs do?

Partly historical, the #debian packaging workflow evolved from source tarball plus a .diff, the requirements for #gpl compliance suggested it was best to keep a copy of your sources to ensure you could provide them, and since then Debian as a community has developed a wide range of interesting ways to modernize packaging workflows, e.g. #VCS or #git driven (#dgit FTW!). What was your favorite VCS in the early 90s? If Debian were to start today, it would look very different.

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