looks like on my Radeon HD 7850:
- OpenGL is faster on Linux than on Windows
- DirectX is faster on Win8.1 than on Win10
- Vulkan is 2x slower than OpenGL

at least according to the few benchmarks that I've ran so far

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@wolf480pl it makes sense for Vulkan to be slow because GCN 1.0 was built for AMD Mantle

@benis but I've heard AMD GPUs like multiple queues and you need Vulkan or DX12 (or presumably Mantle) to utilize mutliple queues...

Though maybe Basebench and Portal 2 don't try to use multiple queues anyway...

Either way, with Vulkan on GCN1 being an afterthought, I'm not that surprised.

@wolf480pl The one that amused me was when OpenGL was faster than DirectX on Windows, sadly didn't document it

@wolf480pl From my reading of Mesa3D (our centralized OpenGL/Vulkan implementation) & what I heard from Alyssa Rosenzweig I'm not surprised.

Don't know about DirectX though.

We (presumably) put a lot more work into software optimization of these drivers, and haven't put much work into Vulkan yet. Not a priority.

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