If you rely professionally on IRC, I'd love to hear about your usage!

What IRC networks do you connect to?
What communities are you in?
What do you love about it?
What are your gripes with it?

🔄 Boosts welcome, help me reach people out of my circles!

@thibaultamartin I'm connected to Libera and OFTC plus a few other servers. I interact mainly with the FOSS graphics, sourcehut and IRCv3 communities. I love the hackable clients and the simple protocol design. I don't like NickServ and the lack of good mobile clients (I'm trying to improve this via various IRCv3 extensions).


@emersion @thibaultamartin btw. regarding mobile clients, what do you think of Revolution IRC?

@wolf480pl @thibaultamartin it's alright, a bit crashy for me, and like all existing Android IRC clients doesn't support push notifications

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