On one hand, I want to learn more arcane lowl-evel stuff that almost nobody knows, like how to make a NIC or a switch or how PCIE works, etc.

On the other hand, I already feel like I have noone to talk to about "simple" things like use-after-free.


No malloc, no use after free!

Problem solved! :-D


@Shamar to be clear:
it's not about a use-after-free in my code, it's not about me not knowing how to deal with it.

It's about finding a fun bug and not being able to share the excitement.

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My point is that if you think about it, even mundane issues like memory allocation might be solved in arcane ways, sometimes removing whole class of bugs.

@Shamar yes, avoiding dynamic memory allocation can be fun. Implementing your own allocator can be more fun. Debugging someone else's custom allocator's interaction with a custom event loop is even more fun.

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