Do you have a jenkins at work? Is it also a dumpster fire?

@pony thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering

@wolf480pl my favorite part of jenkins is how they do frequent releases that sometimes change things, so sometimes you get little breakage while doing minor updates and people are like, was it necessary, why did you do it, you killed this sprint velocity you monster

so you don't, all that minor shit adds up and then you need to do an update for a new feature or something and it just goes to hell and everyone's getting sad, why haven't we been keeping it up to date, thus the cycle continues

@wolf480pl we have Jenkins, Travis, GitHub Actions and CircleCI. None of them are great, and TBH none of them seem clearly superior to the others either...

I wouldn't say dumpster fire, we do fix things up to the point where it's not *too* painful... though never to the point where it is pleasant ;).

@raboof so you found a way to make it not accumulate 10s if gigabytes of garbage, hacks, and obsolete stuff over the years?

@wolf480pl tbh no I didn't, I just stopped caring too much :D.

I'm still undecided whether I find the "fix just the things that hurt most" approach actually good or not: it kinda works but also it means the problems that don't hurt enough don't get fixed.

I've found having a hardware failure is a good way to clean some things up :D

@wolf480pl We have. We also burn the machines because we compile _a lot_ of Android apps on a daily basis :comfywhatisthis:

@wolf480pl Mixxx used to use Jenkins. It was awful. Keeping the servers running was a huge distraction, the people running them wouldn't allow anyone else SSH access to fix the regular problems, and they'd disappear for weeks or months at a time. Using GitHub Actions is way easier and more reliable.

@[email protected] I'm looking for a new job, one company bragged that they have a >1000 large jenkins cluster. 🚩🚩🚩

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