It sucks that on the internet, you can't count on anything to last forever.

Either you pay for it, in which case it will get deleted as soon as you forget to pay

or you don't pay for it, in which case it will get deleted as soon as it runs out of investor money

@wolf480pl It's almost like maintaining infrastructure costs money.

What if you host it and it only dies if your power goes out, but then is back up again when power is restored?

Time to just start handing out my IP address I guess.....

@herag it's not yours, the ISP may change it during the time you have no electricity (unless agreed otherwise)

Oh yeah, I have a static IP through my provider. Static IPV4 and Static IPV6. I got lucky and grabbed those before they stopped offering statics.

@wolf480pl in real life nothing lasts forever though. Even if you leave something outside and nobody ever touches it it will eventually wear and turn into dust.

@wolf480pl this is why my home has so many bookshelves.

I may never open most of the books on them again in my life, but they are there if I want to.

OTOH, I went through a 15 year old bookmark file and it only had 6 dead links, so I'm not horribly disappointed in the Internet

@pony no no the problem isn't that I die, the problem is that I outlive stuff I made

@wolf480pl publish simple blog posts and make sure has a copy...

@michal that works until runs out of money

@wolf480pl It's not internet, but at least it will last forever*.

So buckle up and start "publishing".

* terms and conditions apply

@michal yeah that's my point.

Stone will last.
Internet will rot.
Such is the nature of things.

@wolf480pl @michal you’ll find out it’s extremely malleable to whoever comes after you and has a chisel too

@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] we need to steer all the "haha penis"-writing edgy kids online towards sculpting to archive current culture

@wolf480pl The #Fediverse has taught me that the only way to ensure your home instance won't go down is by running it yourself.
@tk @wolf480pl *ensure that you can't blame anyone else when your home instance goes down
@hakui @tk @wolf480pl would be nice to be able to have a single identity across multiple instances and switch whenever u feel like it, kinda like u move to other countries but still have the same passport.

@wolf480pl that's a problem with the Web, the internet protocol is agnostic to that (potentially)

@bat try getting a domain or a public IP forever.

@wolf480pl Does it really matter? I want my child to outlive me, I want the *impact* of things I make to outlive me. The actual stuff I make - bleh, who cares? I’ve never understood the obsession with preserving everything that ever appeared online.

@barrysampson not everything, but certain things. Eg. the source code you link to in your scientific paper.

@wolf480pl You might want to check out, which has a "buy-once, store forever" model aimed at helping people preserve their personal digital lives. They're backed by a non-profit with an endowment whose main goal is keeping your data accessible.

(disclaimer: they're a client of mine)

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