Tried it, looks good)
Also, post area is wider that way.

Currently playing Warframe and latest additions.
Buried debts and caches weren't that hard. I've managed to solo Thermia Fractures with Slow-Nova and Nidus Specter - can't play in team since russian gov started blocking IPs like mad dogs.
Nightwave questline is a nice addition too, with lovely voice-over.

Currently watching "Bubble Gum Crisis" - it's not celestial work, and animation is old-ish, but it kinda hooked me on story and character development. Also, very good soundtrack and songs.
Still reading a book about management by Iacocca and "Spirits of Place" which is a collection of stories (by W. Ellis recommendation).

Successfully returned from Hong Kong and Macau trip! 'Twas awesome :)
I've managed to visit some natural parks, main "trading" streets, aquapark, big and small shops, jade markets, historical places and even 5-star restaurant in Macau.
Actually, I was kinda overwhelmed by level of service there since russian restaurants forgot about service long ago. ^^"
And ofc japanese book hunt! We've found necessary stuff in "Himawari Publishing" ("SOGO", "Apollo" and "Pacific Place" weren't that good).

I'm actually thinking about purchasing 4 TB Seagate external HDD after my Hong Kong visit... nyohoho~

anime-hoarding status: ~2 TB
cinema-hoarding status: ~1 TB
comics-hoarding status: ~300 GB


@dirt wait, so you couldn't sleep more than 5 hours from the start or is it a recent thing?

@sophia I'm currently confused because Gmail on my phone recommends me to try Inbox, and Inbox invites me to try Gmail =)

This night my brain was superactive and produced colossal dream. Amost month in overall subjective duration, with various connected stories and places. I've narrowed the sources it used down to Macross, Bioshock, Painkiller (game), lovecraftian horrors, mer people, lack of sensual sex, japanese legends dealing with samurais and yokai, chinese hell mythology, and my upcoming flight to Hong Kong.
'Twas a nice addition, because I haven't had such dreams for 3 or 4 months already.

I've tried to narrow down "caffeine low" state after yesterday's intake - yep, I'm actually cranky and I've developed hate for minor details about my coworkers' behaviour.
Or I dunno... maybe eating peanuts at work is actually not okay, splashing saliva all around and crunching so loud one hears it in another room - and it doesn't have anything to do with my caffeine-low-state.

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I've unfrozen my account and played through Cata, MoP and WoD (I'm more of ambiance- and lore-person). Cata was meh and confusing, MoP was very good in both lore and overall beauty. WoD was nice with ambiance, but again very confusing and even boring.
After that I've frozen my acc again and I don't think I would play WoW again o.O

On the bright side, I've finished Barry Hughart's trilogy and it was AMAZING ride. Check this out if you're into chinese myths and legends, and want to have a laugh.

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From birdsite 

TEA FOR MEN - produces funny associations, like:
"Brick o' tea,
Weighs a ton!
Drrrink for a MAN
Evvvv-ry mooor'n!

Spooderman "Into the Stranger-Verse" was surprisingly exciting to watch. Good enough as comedy of situations plus visualizations run wild plus nice OST plus self-humor plus simple-trite-but-true-stuff plus mad-from-despair villain plus whatever.
Worth a shot.

lol %) I think I don't have that one in my country though ^^)

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