Science is not a religion that requires our devout faith. Apply the scientific method for yourself. Take the time to research from multiple sources, put your theories to the test, and draw your own conclusions.

When people become utterly disillusioned and their reality is shattered into a million pieces by the unrelenting truth. Only then can they begin to rebuild their sanity.

This is an open letter to all liberals, conservatives, people across the world, and you. If you wish to understand what has happened over the course of this past year and what is happening now. There may be some words of wisdom inside that can help guide you towards the truth.



This letter was inspired by you and your recent post about the alleged election coup. May it help you and everyone who reads it awaken to many truths hidden from you.

Those who are good must now awaken. Face this cold hard truth together.

Use your mind to investigate the truth from many sources. Learn how to separate fact from fiction. Dare to think for yourself.

I love my country. I believe strongly in the American way of life. Freedom of speech is vital to our existence. Whenever tyrants impose tyranny upon us. With our words and actions it is up to to Patriots to defend our country. We will protect fellow citizens and our rights.

The 2020 elections were stolen by enemies both foreign and domestic.

Do not follow the orders and mandates of false leaders. It is time for you to wake up and learn the truth in this documentary.

If we can no longer protect ourselves from rape, theft, torture, murder, and endless crimes. Then we are submissive to those who do not follow the rules and are never afraid to break them.

Once leaders acquire a taste for power seldom will they ever give it back willingly. They will always give reasons to keep it.

Live not as slaves to oppression. Govern justly together as people who value freedom, liberty, and truth.

There will always be people who hate you. For your very existence irritates the demons within their soul.

Discover the hidden promoters of rascism. Then cut the puppetmaster's strings of control.

I am here to help you awaken. May my words of wisdom free your soul.


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