Gonna be moving all my followers over to a new Mastodon account :3c

I'm now at @wrathsoffire76

Every time I follow a new bot, my feed just becomes filled with that bot

I have so much yuri on my feed and I couldn't be happier :')

So what's going to be in #Mastodon 3.3.0? You can read the full changelog here:


Account suspension become reversible, which makes moderation mistakes a lot less catastrophic. You can get notified when someone you follow makes a new post. You can continue watching/listening to something that's playing when you scroll away. Media modals look better. You can block sign-ups from IP ranges. Finally familiar hotkeys in video/audio player. And so on...

I like tmp.ninja's DMCA terms.
"We host content for 48 hours, and we strictly comply with DMCA requests which by coincidence take about 48 hours to process."

totally forgot to share but I finished safeto.stream a few hours ago! -w-

Currently vibing to Sherbert Land and if anyone walked in, they'd think I've gone insane.

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Have you really lived if you haven't listened through one of these videos?

I need to play that Dream Simulator game for the PS2 I know next to nothing about the game only that it seems like a really cool premise

Furryposting on main 

Paw, and I cannot stress this enough, beans

Oh also I never bothered with Isle of Armor dex yet because I want to complete the Galar dex first

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I should probably complete my Pokédexes already smh

I found the comic I was talking about yesterday, here it is:

It's a really cute comic and I urge you to give it a read

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