Currently vibing to Sherbert Land and if anyone walked in, they'd think I've gone insane.

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Have you really lived if you haven't listened through one of these videos?

I need to play that Dream Simulator game for the PS2 I know next to nothing about the game only that it seems like a really cool premise

Furryposting on main 

Paw, and I cannot stress this enough, beans

Oh also I never bothered with Isle of Armor dex yet because I want to complete the Galar dex first

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I should probably complete my Pokédexes already smh

I found the comic I was talking about yesterday, here it is:

It's a really cute comic and I urge you to give it a read

Anyone age 13-17: has a problem

Adults: haha I remember when I was your age go fuck yourself this period of your life is hard

..and in the description, they had a link to a website where people uploaded comics and they had uploaded a comic they drew with little stories about them transitioning and I thought it was really damn cute.

If I remember to look through my history tomorrow (I looked through the comments section of the video and in my subs to no avail) I'll post it and share it because I think it was really wholesome and I loved it.

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I just remembered about a comic I found from a YouTube channel who commented on a Scott's Stash video. I clicked on their channel because they had a trans profile pic and I just seem to be interested in anyone who does.

Anyway, I watched one of their videos and they started talking about how they were going to post videos about their transition story and how they got to where they are (also they looked damn cute)

There is no verified checkmark on Mastodon.

Fediverse client implementers. PLEASE. Make DMing a separate UX from sending a public toot. For the love of all that is private.

well i guess more accurately how i wish i could look in a mirror and think "that's a cute girl"

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Do you ever just get the urge to do something like watch anime or play a game but then don't actually have the motivation to do it so you just end up going on YouTube for 2 hours.

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