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Just saw this terrible video, this is awful. We need to put an end to bricks

Turns out one already exists, idk why I found this out nearly a year later but here we are

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Alrighty, Nintendo Direct recap (cont.) 

Animal Crossing, yes please holy fuck I want this give it to me now.

Xenoblade Chronicles, I am so hype. I played a bit of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and lost interest because it's hard to play it on such a small console.

Everything else I didn't cover I either don't care for or have no interest enough to talk about.

Also, Sans is in Smash

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Alrighty, Nintendo Direct recap 

Overwatch, meh. Dead as fuck game. It will spike it up in popularity but I can't see it lasting too long.

Link's Awakening, I want to get this game, it looks so good

Terry in Smash, idk anything about Fatal Fury, I was hoping for Metal Slug but a fighter makes sense in a fighting game.

Pokémon, I really lost all interest in this game, there's just nothing there that wow's me and I'm disappointed by it.

I'm the type of person that reads reviews after buying a game or watching a movie just to see weather their views match up with mine.

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