i keep imagining that my cat buddy makes little giggle grunts when i give her scritches and head butts :ablobcatreach:

Animals laugh too, analysis of vocalization data suggests

Human laughter is common, but it's a somewhat mysterious part of our evolution. It's clear to evolutionary scholars that we laugh as a part of play, signaling our cooperation or friendliness. But how did laughter evolve? And are humans the only ones who do it?


found this in the closet.
major y2k vibes.
i was a mac devotee back then, grabbing lots of swag at the expos.
does anyone still use this?

alcohol + activism 


if you still like "torpedo", you're missing out.

federation ftw!

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alcohol + activism 

"Mx. Nuggetsworth kindly requests your attention to the following:

⏩ This is a super classy, dank Double IPA
⏩ It's pronounced "Mix"
⏩ Gender ia broad, beautiful spectrum, not a binary. People are who they are, and we love them all."


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dear ,
stay out of my fucking scones, but especially my mouth, where i discovered this cheap-ass component.

capitalism #anticapitalism #velben #article 

"...modern capitalism, which congratulates itself on its high level of civilization, is in essence a highly organized system of barbaric plunder."

very fucking compelling word choices. i am so mad right now.

A Theory of Thorstein Veblen | Bruce Robbins


a coffee review, i guess 

my local roaster was out of the usual dark roast my partner enjoys, so i thought it would be interesting to try coffee (owned by the band green day); "father of all dark roasts", they call it. promised to be smooth and bold -- which it is.

blood vessels, but kawaii 

i'm distracted from work. aren't ears fascinating?

rock doom grunge metal psych stoner bandcamp 

(in my very best 'uncle roger' voice) not bad! not bad!

Quest for Oblivion, by Sun Crow

8 track album


soup, vegetarian 

caldo verde

don't forget the chunky bits of garlic! such a wholesome and tasteful soup. skipped bone broth and such for butter. mmmm

we are animals who don’t want to be animals but still enjoy
the vestige of animal like the fetal dream of a tail
or water-breathing gills once slit into our unborn necks.

Nickole Brown – persimmons



have a peaceful new years and beyond, fam.
(pic pilfered from r/ghibli)

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