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"Freezing fog," I guess now I have seen everything.

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One day, a student asked a master, "Master, there is conflict between GPL proponents and BSD proponents. Which group has the Zen nature, and which group is grievously disturbing the stillness of the Tao?"
And the master said nothing, but continued hacking. And the student was enlightened.

"POP3 was designed to work with systems that are not always online because that really used to be a thing. IMAP is awesome unless you write code for it in which case it will ruin you."

Been doing a lot of at $dayjob and I came across a StackOverflow comment:

"That said, this still seems to work...So, like most things with Bash, I'll pretend like I understand it and get on with my life."

I feel you, StackOverflow user. I feel you.

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Something like Let's Encrypt for S/MIME would be pretty amazing. So many mail clients already support S/MIME that it could also take off with the e-mail systems that we already have, especially when they do opportunistic S/MIME (automatically send pub keys, cache received keys).

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I'll give the alt-right this: They aren't afraid of fearlessly debating taboo subjects, and of saying exactly what comes to their minds. They seem more liberated than the politically correct crowd, who appear to be deathly afraid of getting real.

There is this persistent denial of painfully obvious things, which is exactly what sowed the seed for the alt-right movement to begin with.

If you want to fit into polite society, there are certain opinions you can't hold, for fear of being ostracised; opinions that once had wide appeal among people of European descent until the middle of the 20th century.

The facts on the ground didn't change; it just became unfashionable to interpret them in a certain way due to political events and ensuing changes in the political climate during the latter half of the 20th century.

I don't think it's self-evident that the idea of progress should apply to social issues. Progress in science and medicine is easy to objectively measure. Progress in social issues is merely a matter of opinion. While it's possible to argue that the suffering of oppressed groups should be reduced, it's equally possible to argue that this will lead to increased suffering for the majority on the long term.

The culture of the present will always be narcissistic, believing itself to be an improvement on past cultures, but again: What is your measuring stick for that?
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"You can call me a beaner if you want. I don't care, I like beans. I'm proud of it."

- @carina_temores 's dad

It's that time of year again: Mozilla has their info on popular gifts that respect (or don't respect) user ! Happy everyone!

I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my phone.

My wish has come true; I no longer know how to use my phone.

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"The important thing is to realize that none of these services are necessary. We may have come to develop a deep reliance on them, but that’s not the same thing."

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The biggest problem with attracting business and talent to rural areas is the crappy environment you have to endure. The disdain when you don't do like everyone else. The racism and sexism. The lack of ambition. The lack of activities (yoga clubs, hackerspaces, bars). The lack of public transport. Unless you want a really basic life, it's not an attractive proposition. That's why I moved from Lakselv to the Oslo area (both in Norway) a decade ago.
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Lots of new follows, so: #introduction

My tech books cover OpenBSD, FreeBSD, networking, sudo, PGP, DNSSEC, ZFS, SSH, ed(1), etc.

My novels include "Immortal Clay," or Carpenter's _Thing_ but after we lose; "Butterfly Stomp Waltz," a globe-trotting Die Hard heist; and "git commit murder," if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons.

My most popular book: systemd erotica!

A writer, so heavy user of :flan_molotov: and :flan_piteous:

(Well, that'll clear out the weaklings...)

New @Purism Librem13 came in today and I'm psyched to try it out this weekend! :yay:

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