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@Ashfulme hey, you were supposed to try me @[email protected]

I use that instance more lately

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That moment when you're halfway through typing a password and suddenly you forget years of muscle memory of how to type words

Done. When the parties go to the extremes, vote for maximum gridlock.

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*Nothing* brings me back to 1984, my early high school days, better than this song. (The link is for those two or three people who don't know this song yet. Don't be embarrassed.)

#Prince "Let's Go Crazy"

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@thomasfuchs My top 3 would be:

1) Commodore plus/4, for sentimental reasons. It was the first computer I wrote programs on, and to this day, I like the cursor key layout there.

2) Nintendo Entertainment System, because its simple and practical aesthetics.

3) Macintosh 128k, because the floppy drive looks like a sarcastic smile, foreshadowing of what has become of the Mac line. And because the whole thing just looks cute.

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@thomasfuchs Picking a few that others don't seem to have picked:

3) The TRS-80 Model III / 4 and the Model II.

2) The Sinclair ZX81 has those lines that look more serious than the computer itself.

1) The ADM3A Terminal. This terminal just oozes the aesthetic of the era. Plus I think Televideo had a model that looked similar to this model.

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it would be cool to have polls integrated into mastodon

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me reaching for the boost button when i notice you - my favourite mutual follower - have made yet another fantastic post

It would be nice to change the favicon to ..... at least maybe a different color, so it is easier to distinguish between other instances sitting on the shelf on my chromebook

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If you're using #WordPress, you might be interested in this ...

I took some time to polish up my Advanced Passwords plugin and have now listed it for sale on my site:

It replaces WP's default 3-round MD5 hashing of user passwords with 5000 rounds of SHA-512. It _also_ automatically encrypts post passwords using AES256 CTR.

No more poor password management in WordPress!

Plugin is open source, but priced at $4.99 to help fund ongoing security dev of WP extensions.

Why does Android gestures put a useless back arrow on my home screen?

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Hey everyone! Just introducing myself. I’m one of the hosts of a #DS9 podcast called Deep Space Noob, where a life long Trekkie (me) watches every episode of Deep Space Nine with his best friend (my co-host), who’s never seen Star Trek before.

The show is a hell of a lot of fun, and I’d appreciate you giving it a listen, but if that’s not in the cards, I’m always up for some Trek talk!


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