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> "If courts cannot control government powers, and even a regulatory agency is being ignored by the occupant of the White House, one wonders what has become of the rule of law in the post-pandemic age."

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1. 美国立国之基是各州自治。只有少数权力交由联邦政府管辖。此次翻案是回归立国之本。

2. 关于堕胎权,本来就应另立法律。三十年前就已经有法界人士认为仅凭罗诉韦德案,不足以成为堕胎权的根基。所以支持堕胎的应该怪民主党为何三十年来都不立法。

3. 堕胎在美国已经成为跟变性一样的超好赚行业。堕胎赚一笔、卖器官、卖胎盘、卖血清、卖婴尸赚一笔。恶德商人根本不关心女性权益,他们只是想赚钱而已。

Pretty wild that white women can say the n-word so easily as long as her politics matches with everyone else's

保守派 vs “进步”人 

个人观察,保守派其实很多都不怎么关心政治,面对 woke 文化都是睁一只眼闭一只眼,只要不影响自己的生活就行。

但近年来 woke 文化越来越疯狂,侵入各种媒体,积极为小孩洗脑,连很多原本自认左派的人都被惹毛了。

因为 woke 文化触犯了正常人的底线,越来越多人发声抗议。而此时 woke 运动却越来越极端,把原本支持或同情他们的人通通都贴上标签、打成“保守派”。

woke 文化变得越来越邪恶、越来越疯狂,明面上打着多元、包容、开明的旗号,但实际上却是越来越狭隘,完全无法容忍那些不是 100% 支持他们的人。

只要有谁不是无脑支持 woke,就会被他们打成“保守派”。所以明明是他们自己越来越疯癫,却宣称是“保守派”势力抬头。



Reminder! If you only ever talk about freedom in the context of abortion -

But not taxes, school choice, the right to bear arms, the jab, free speech, operating a business, or literally any other topic -

You're not actually pro-freedom.

You're just pro-abortion.


Abortion is a cash cow for them. They sell body parts & they also get to depopulate the planet as they choose. They each profit personally for their ghoulish sins.


My wife was raised by her paternal grandparents. Her mother was 16 when she was born. Father was 18.
Both lifelong skid marks on humanity.

Her paternal Grandparents won the abortion battle with her maternal grandmother over whether or not she should be aborted.

47 years later, this morning, my wife's insane mother raged about how not getting an abortion years ago ruined her life. Actually fucking told my wife that.


For those who whine about Roe being overturned, this is as concise an explanation as I've seen yet:

This can't be from certain "vaccines " that are proven to cause myocarditis, blood clots and lower the immune system protection.
If you say this you must be a crazy conspiracy theorist

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